Every year May 11th marks the celebration of National Technology Day in India. The term was coined by late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to celebrate the contributions made by Indian scientists.

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Today the celebrations are not restricted to just one domain. National Technology Day is not just for scientists but for anyone associated with “ideating, innovating, and facilitating the dissemination of knowledge, information and taking the products or benefits to people at the grassroots level.
To round everything up, the day is reserved to celebrate the technological advancements of our country.

India has an interesting history around this date. On May 11th,1998, India conducted its first nuclear test by firing the Shakti-I nuclear missile in Pokhran, Rajasthan. A couple of days later it conducted two more tests and finally became part of the exquisite club of nuclear superpowers.

In addition to this accomplishment, India added another feather in its cap by testing its first indigenous aircraft ‘Hansa-3′ on the same day which flew from Bengaluru. India also conducted successful test firing of the ‘Trishul’ missile, which makes this day even more momentous and makes May 11th the perfect fit for National Technology Day.

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Every year the National Technology Day is based on a theme. The theme for the year 2021 is Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future”. The theme is in recognition of the fact that our actions impact the future significantly and the use of technology should be for creating a better tomorrow.
In regards to this auspicious day, we are proud to share with you some facts about India’s technological advancements:

  • Sabeer Bhatia designed the concept of free email by confounding Hotmail.
  • India is one of the three countries (USA and Japan) that makes supercomputers.
  • India is the largest movie industry in the world in terms of number of movies produced and ticket sales.
  • India is the second largest manufacturer of tractors.
  • India is the largest two wheeler manufacturer in the whole world.
  • Plastic surgery owes its origin to India.
  • ISRO holds the record for putting 104 satellites into orbit in a single launch.
  • India is the only country to successfully reach Mars in its first attempt via the MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission)

You know what to say after reading these. JAI HIND!!