It’s just the beginning of the week but it isn’t just another week. It’s the week when your Instagram feed will be filled with some over-the-top, some stylish and some outrageous looks. For decades, the first Monday of May has showcased celebrities walking down the MET Gala red carpet leaving fashion enthusiasts all around the globe critiquing their outfits. While we are anxiously biting our nails and keeping our eyes out for the best looks of MET Gala 2023 today, we thought now would be a good time to update our fashion knowledge and get inspired by the biggies of the fashion world. From legendary fashion designers to behind-the-scenes heroes, get a peek inside the fashion industry and how intense it can get. So, sit back, grab a tub of popcorn and enjoy. 

P.S. These fashion documentaries are all Diet Sabya approved so get ready for a fashionable ride. 

House of Z

From his early days of designing dresses for his friends and family to his meteoric rise as a fashion wunderkind only at the age of 21, Zac Posen is a name that is synonymous with unwavering passion and determination. From interviews with his loved ones, we learn about Zac’s unconventional approach to fashion and his risk-taking abilities. Along the documentary, you will get to see his most iconic designs as well as the behind-the-scenes of runway shows. 

You also learn more about the fashion industry; the hard work you need to succeed in the industry and how cutthroat the business can get. 

Dior and I

Explore one of the world’s most iconic fashion houses like never before. The film follows the journey of Raf Simons, the ex-creative director of Dior, and his preparations for his first haute couture collection for the legendary fashion house. 

If you thought creating a couture collection was all fun and games, this documentary is here to tell you otherwise. Through interviews with Raf, his team, and the craftsmen, and women of Dior’s atelier, we get a glimpse into the creative process and the intense pressure that is required for the creation of a couture collection. 

As the days tick down to the runway show, tensions rise and challenges arise, but the unravelling of the unforgettable collection wows the fashion world. You also learn about the history and legacy of Christian Dior and the intricacy that goes into the making of each garment.  

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A light and funny documentary, Unzipped takes us on a wild ride through the world of fashion with designer Isaac Mizrahi. The film showcases Isaac’s playful approach to fashion and how he draws inspiration from the most unusual places like his grandmother’s tablecloths. You also get to watch his team and models who add a unique flair to the entire creative process. 

Unzipped is not just about fashion, it lends you a charming and relatable portrait of the creative process and the personalities behind it. So, get ready to ‘unzip’ the energy and creativity of fashion. 

Franca: Chaos and Creation

Delve into the creative mind of Franca Sozanni under whose direction Italian Vogue reigned for 28 years. Franca was the editor-in-chief of Vogue – Italy from 1988 to July 2016, until her unfortunate death. It was said that Franca had an unconventional and bold eye for photography which made her a legend. This documentary uncovers, through interviews with Franca’s friends, family and colleagues, the chaotic life of Franca. 

From her early days in fashion to her rise to the top of the fashion world, you can watch all of it and more. It also gives you a glimpse into her personal life and her love for cooking. The film inspires you to never give up on your dreams as you journey through the enigmatic life of Franca. 

The September Issue

Last but definitely not least, The September Issue takes us behind the scenes of the most important issue of Vogue magazine. The September issues of magazines are a seasonal reset, as they mark the end of Spring/Summer and the beginning of Fall/Winter. The film follows legendary editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour and her team of editors and designers as they prepare for the magazine’s most awaited issue of the year. 

Experience the high pressure of fashion journalism like never before. From intense deadlines to the long hours that go into the making of the perfect issue, you will see it all in this documentary. Along the way, you also get to catch some humorous moments like Wintour’s tendency to wear her iconic sunglasses indoors.  

Enjoy these fashion documentaries and stay tuned for more such news and updates on fashion, creators, brands and more.