Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. It comes from the word “yuj,” which means to unite. The foundational basis of Yoga is to unite oneself with the universe through physical postures and breathing exercises. In the last decade, Yoga has been adopted as a fitness regime by many celebrities and content creators. These known figures vouch for the benefits of yoga and influence people to take it up. 

Creators who believe in Yoga

The Colour of Social Media On Yoga

Social Media is an Omnipresent entity and nothing or nobody remains untouched by its powers. Yoga too has been shaped by the presence of social media. In fact, yoga and social media have become intertwined with many Bollywood celebrities and content creators posting their yoga workouts or post-workout glows. To a large extent, yoga has been glamorised because of social media.

On the bright side, social media has given a platform for many yoga practitioners who now have a successful presence in the digital world. It has made fitness more accessible to those who otherwise could not perform because of any kind of constraints. 

Indian Creators and Yoga | Benefits Of Yoga

There is no denying the fact that we get motivated when we see our favourite content creators carrying a yoga mat and wearing ultra-stylish yoga fits. At that moment we are all ready to start working out tomorrow morning. IYKYK 🙁 

We Swear By Creators Who Swear By Yoga

Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty is a content creator on Instagram who creates content related to fashion and lifestyle. Her Instagram page is a masterclass on aesthetics, and every post is better than the previous one. No wonder she has 745K people following her, who love her to bits. She is also appreciated for her blog TheStyleEdge.

To Santoshi fitness came very early because of her mother, who is a power yoga trainer. Santoshi herself is a licensed Zumba instructor and has now ‘flown’ into practising and teaching yoga along with her partner, Anti.

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Santoshi and Anti have an entire Instagram account dedicated to yoga with the name ‘Gardens of Santi.’ Here they post different flows and breathing exercises that are easily doable. They also list the benefits, the dos and don’ts, so that people don’t just follow blindly. Santoshi and Anti also organise yoga retreats at breathtaking venues. 

A special mention to Santoshi’s voice which is so calming and has the power to relax the most troubled mind. 

Debasree Banerjee

Debasree Banerjee is a blogger, entrepreneur and social media figure whose work is acknowledged and appreciated by plenty of people. Her videos on beauty and skincare products are well-researched and quite a hit amongst her followers. She has a following base of 306k people on her personal account itself.

Debasree Banerjee has a great physique. That well-structured body is worth a million bucks but we are also aware that it does not come easy. The social media star has earned it with blood and sweat, quite literally. She is a regular yoga practitioner who practises with the Samyak Yoga Group.

Ms Banerjee gives a more spiritual connotation to the practice of yoga by adapting to all that she has learnt. She says that ‘it is because of yoga that she has learnt to live life differently.’ Her documentation of her fitness journey is really inspiring.

Also, we are no fitness experts but Debasree’s handstands are so clean and damn cool!

That being said, it is very difficult to incorporate a disciplined fitness regime like yoga into one’s life. We are well aware of the 4 lesser known stages of yoga.

  • The Enthusiasm- “I have heard of the benefits of yoga and will get my life together with it.”
  • The confusion- “Why does my posture not look anything like the trainer’s?” 
  • The frustration-  “Why can I never touch my toes?!”
  • The acceptance- “Maybe the flab to abs life is not for me.”

However, the great bodies of these content creators have tricked us into fitness and we shall soon meet you at a yoga studio.