Twitter is getting closer to introducing full encryption for direct messages (DMs), which will provide users with greater privacy for their chats.

A new tweet has been shared by Twitter designer Andrea Conway, revealing that the app will have a slider that users can use to turn on DM encryption. This added protection will make sure that messages exchanged between users are kept private and secure.

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In addition to the slider for enabling DM encryption, users will also be able to access the cryptographic key for each encrypted chat. This key provides users with more information about the security coding for that particular conversation and adds another layer of assurance that only the intended recipients can access the messages.

This feature gives users greater control and understanding of the security measures in place to protect their private conversations.

But with encryption, more users will be able to connect freely and trust that their direct messages (DMs) aren’t being watched because they’ll know that they are, in fact, private chats.

Twitter Conversation |  Andrea Conway

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Twitter, has long emphasized encryption as a crucial breakthrough that will increase user security and, eventually, allow for encrypted audio and video chatting between accounts.

This might also be crucial in the app’s upcoming phase of extended payments, another element of Elon Musk’s “everything app” concept. In order to make this a routine activity, secure messaging would also make it possible for payments to be made in a more secure manner.

Additionally, users will notice a notification in their chats confirming that encryption is activated, providing even additional comfort.

DM Encryption

By implementing DM encryption, Twitter is catching up to other messaging apps that prioritize user privacy. While some law enforcement groups have expressed concern that encryption could potentially aid criminal activity, many tech companies are moving towards more advanced privacy measures to ensure that their users’ conversations remain private and secure.