Niharika Jain is a popular content creator with 509K followers on Instagram and 126K subscribers on YouTube. Her content is based on fashion, self-portrait, poses, lifestyle, and so on. But the one striking point of her content as compared to other categories is the pose ideas. She’s literally known over social media for that!

Let’s have a peek at Niharika’s 20 types of pose ideas from 2021 that you might find useful:

1. Bridal Poses

2. Posing Amid Flower Valley

3. Mirror Poses

4. Chair/Bench Poses

5. Posing In a Dress

6. Lehenga Poses

7. Posing In a Pool

8. Car/Jeep Poses

9. Mirror Selfie Poses

10. Posing with Mom

11. Poses In Ethnic Wear 

12. Selfie Poses

13. Poses on Bed

14. Saree Poses

15. Holi Poses

16. Posing In Snow

17. Squad Poses

18. Long Boots Poses

19. Posing Wearing Headphones

20. Posing with Bestie/Sister

If you’re thinking these are the only types then you’re so wrong. Niharika is full of creative ideas and involves various props for posing. She has got such excellent ideas on how to pose that I can’t help but marvel. What skills! If you love posing, then also check out Pose & Shoot: 5 Reels by Lynn for #Instagrammable Snaps.