Debasree has been trending on the net since quite a while for her makeup. She has established her own brand in the makeup industry named ‘Debasree Beauty’. Her Instagram has been booming with recognition and popularity. The products speak for themselves although the makeup skills that Debasree has been showcasing on her ‘gram has been mesmerising. So, without further ado, let us see the art within the artist, shall we? Here is a list of 5 Instagram reels that highlight how Debasree Banerjee slays her makeup.

1. Pastel Purple

2. Colour Palette

3. Blissful Blue

4. Embellished Eyes

5. Watermelon Sugar Eye

We should totally get in line to get some tutoring from her. I am absolutely mesmerised and I’m pretty sure, so are you. I, especially love how she has been getting her hands on trends and using the same to highlight her skills. I love how passionate she is and how the same is transparent through her videos. If you want to check out more, I mean given the hype and the 5 reels that you have watched, you can do so by tapping HERE! And, until my pen writes more for you, if you want to check out another content creator’s makeup skills, tap HERE right away!