Zakir Khan is known for being ‘Sakht Aadmi’ due to his renowned stand up special. His shayaris along with his stand up are what makes Zakir unique. The creativity in the script with intricate details makes each video a hit and results in applause and laughter. Today, we are here to talk about his stand up, ‘Bahut Pighale Hain’ where he admits that he has been swayed a lot for him to become ‘sakht’.

From instances with his mom to gym trainers, bargaining skills and more, this video covers it all. The highlight of the video was the guard in the park that caught Zakir kissing a girl. The way Zakir has imitated him was next level. I couldn’t stop laughing. While performing the stand up, someone from the audience says, “Pighal gaye” and he replies “Beta bahut pighale hain tab jaake sakht huye hai” which steals the limelight of the show. Tap and watch, right away!

I hope this video made you laugh as much as me. I love Zakir’s stand ups and he knows how to hit the right chord with his audience. If you want to see more of his videos, tap HERE! And until my pen writes more for you, here’s another article you can read by tapping HERE!