YouTube is introducing a new method to use Shorts as part of its community engagement process, and it also wants to support Shorts creators by assisting them in getting more subscribers through their videos.

By allowing users to respond with a short in the comments feed, YouTube is attempting to make shorts a more responsive interaction option.

Creators will now be able to submit Shorts clips as comment replies in-stream, as seen in this illustration given below, offering yet another option to use Shorts as part of the engagement process.

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According to YouTube, the feature will start to roll out to creators on iOS this week and Android “in the future months.”

Over the past few months, YouTube has been introducing different iterations of its full-screen Data Stories cards, which offer quick snapshots of various facets of channel success.

The new post analytics will offer you another way to find out more about the performance of your channel as a whole, with brief headline notes that highlight important stats.

Shorts as comment replies and New data story cards

Last but not least, YouTube is also introducing the option for channel subscribers to join directly from the short stream.

The join button will show to subscribers on Android and iOS. The goal is to give more subscribers of a channel the opportunity to support a creator through channel memberships.”

Top creators may be drawn in by YouTube’s new Shorts monetization scheme, which is currently being rolled out. The position of YouTube’s short-form videos is improving with these new features.