Yashoda Lodhi at first glance appears to be a regular woman hailing from rural India. Clad in a saree, with a bindi, she looks similar to thousands of Indian women. However, there is something that sets her apart from many others. It is the suffix, “ma’am” or “madam,” that she has earned for herself through Youtube. Yashoda is a content creator who runs her Youtube channel. She teaches English through easy-to-learn videos on her social media channel. While still learning the language herself, Yashoda has taken up teaching to help people like her erase the language barrier and speak the language spoken by many fellow Indians.

The idea behind the Youtube Channel

Yashoda in her channel’s ‘About’ section has mentioned how she hails from the low-income strata. Like many women, she too did not have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Regional language schooling, especially in villages, does not offer people a chance to learn and speak English, which is increasingly becoming a necessity. The English language also offers better opportunities in terms of work.

With her determination, Yashoda decided to change this for herself and started learning English. The limited income did not allow her to attend fancy coaching classes but she made optimum use of the available resources. Thanks to the growing scope of social media and technology reaching all nooks and corners, Yashoda used the internet, particularly Youtube to master the language. After seeing multiple videos and failing even more times, she gained the confidence to try her hands.

Soon, Yashoda realised that there were only limited resources for women like her when they wish to learn English. To mitigate this and to be able to help those in need, Yashoda Lodhi started her Youtube channel “Learn English With Dehati Madam” on 31st May, 2022.

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The growing success

Learn English with Dehati Madam is a Youtube channel run by Yashoda Lodhi. In less than a year, the channel has 179K subscribers and Mrs Lodhi has posted 173 videos of herself teaching the basics of the language.

From avoiding grammatical errors to the correct use of words, Yashoda focuses on a range of topics to aid the process of English speaking. She also motivates people to shed their inhibitions and to speak more freely. After all, the more one practices, the better one gets and the English language is no exception to this. 

With her easy-to-understand curriculum, she has won hearts or should we say the minds of the people and is diligently followed by those who leave heartfelt comments below her videos. Not only teaching, but she also records the videos herself, edits them and then posts them on her youtube channel. Yashoda truly is one woman army.

The emotional connect

Coming from a rural background with limited resources at her disposal, Yashoda has built herself an empire. While speaking to different platforms she always brings awareness to her humble background and tells that women coming from such sections might have smaller means but definitely bigger dreams. We definitely think Yashoda is a big catalyst in the lives of these people while helping them achieve a life of dignity that learning a language can bring. 

Hailing from the Kaushambi in Uttar Pradesh, Yashoda has proved that English is not an entitlement of the city dwellers but a means of communication that can be learned by all. This lies at the core of her belief system which helped her build strong connections with people.

Now her success is not just limited to the rural population but she has been followed by people living in the cities as well, who are struggling with English. Middle-aged individuals are her biggest target group, rooting for her throughout. 

Big platforms

Yashoda Lodhi is now the newest celebrity in town who has been invited to various platforms. Her work is appreciated and her determination is honoured at various platforms. Recently, she was invited to Josh Talks, an Indian Media Platform based in Gurugram, New Delhi. She has also been featured in national newspapers and magazines.

The Dehati Madam shared her emotions over travelling to a big city for the first time. Her nervousness and excitement were well seen in the video, only representing her authenticity to the core.

We at Social Nation are inspired by her journey and her dedication and only wish her the best. Yashoda Lodhi will touch new heights with her unique take on Content Creation and we shall be among the many to applaud her success.