Talent can be spotted from far but it needs a platform. Social media has been the platform which has facilitated talent scouting to a large extent. Thanks to it, Dhiraj Takri, a young 21-year-old boy from Odisha has emerged as an internet sensation winning hearts with his unique English teaching skills.

Speaking proficiently in English with Dhiraj Takri

Numbers And Fame

Dhiraj Takri captivated the attention of people on Instagram and YouTube within a short period. Hailing from Odisha, this young lad understands the difficulties of not being able to speak English fluently and has translated this understanding into his teaching techniques. This has helped him garner a substantial audience of close to 28K subscribers on YouTube and 868K subscribers on Instagram. What truly sets him apart is his unique approach to teaching English, a subject often deemed daunting by many.

Dhiraj Takri is garnered fans for hsi English speaking videos

Innovative Teaching Methods

Rather than following the conventional curriculum, Dhiraj Takri has carved a niche by infusing creativity into his teaching methodology. His focus lies not on mastering English grammar but on perfecting the art of sounding like a native English speaker. 

How does he achieve this? By steering away from the traditional path of being grammatically correct and embracing a refreshing technique – using dialogues as references from American and British shows and movies. However, his emphasis on confidence is the biggest takeaway for us.

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The Power of Entertainment

What makes Takri’s teaching style stand out is his knack for turning English learning into an enjoyable experience rather than a mere obligation to fit in society. He deploys humour and relatable content to transform what might seem like a mundane learning process into a lively and engaging journey. 

Dhiraj’s Instagram channel is a learning guide to how one can seamlessly blend education with entertainment, making the process a blast for his audience.

Focusing on Pronunciation Mastery

Rather than teaching refined grammar and elaborate vocabulary, Takri emphasises the importance of pronunciation. Through his unconventional approach to phonetics, especially by not pronouncing certain sounds the ideal way, he aids learners in speaking English fluently as well as resembling native English speakers. By validating his techniques with references from popular media, he guides his audience in acing the nuances of pronunciation effortlessly.

Spearheading A Shift

Dhiraj Takri’s rise as an educator on social media marks a shift in the way language learning is perceived. His innovative methods challenge the traditional norms of education, proving that effective learning need not conform to rigid structures but can be conducted on our informal social media platforms. 

Dhiraj Takri highlights the evolving landscape of education in the digital age. His ability to bring entertainment into education, particularly in the field of language learning, has garnered him a dedicated following.