Xavier Mortimer is a magician and variety performer from the South of France. Xavier has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us, America’s Got Talent, Masters of Illusion, Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, and The Next Great Magician on ITV. He is also a winner of multiple awards. Xavier on his Instagram has been posting reels that are pure magic. They defy the expectations of the viewers and leave them behind with only one question, “how did you do that?”. While we are on the subject of magic and defying expectations. Let’s have a look at the best reels of Xavier Mortimer (@xaviermortimer) that will blow your mind. Our top picks.


Smooth and simple. If only making money and making things fly were this simple.

Don’t prank a magician

Typical example of a prank gone wrong, but in the opposite way.

How to turn water into Black Water

Couldn’t be more excited to try ‘Black Water’

That guy behind

Not just him, everyone’s reaction would be the same.

Defying Gravity

Still wondering how Newton would have reacted to this.


Superman! When did you become a trolley man ?!

My buddy does not like magic

No tricks and jokes with food.


As we said earlier, no tricks with food.

This is how magicians starts their day 

Perhaps, the perfect start to a day!

He is on FIRE 

Literally him and the video, both are fire!

If you enjoyed watching these and had your mind blown. Check out Xavier’s Instagram (@xaviermortimer) for more!