Skillshare has creators from across the world with diverse backgrounds, languages, and genders, offering their expertise and proficiency to the community. At present, the platform globally has thousands of women creators offering courses on various subjects and skillsets. 

Despite a history of deep-rooted struggles, women today are leaving behind a legacy of resilience and persistence. In efforts to honor the women of today’s society and to build a better future, this year’s International Women’s Day theme was all about breaking the bias and creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment in both personal and professional contexts.

On a personal level, the goal is to strive for a fair and equal division of roles and responsibilities, and professionally, it is crucial to create equal opportunities for women to succeed at varying roles and inspire their successors. Over 35% of women, globally, aspire to hold entrepreneurial positions, making them and they are prioritizing upskilling

The transition into the digital age and the evolution of edtech platforms, going beyond traditional and technical courses, has provided women with opportunities to learn and explore their creative abilities, upskill and follow their passion, financially secure their future, and share their experiences to help others achieve the same goal.

Dedicated to fostering a community of aspiring and professional creatives and paving a path for people to monetize their skills and passions, Skillshare, an online creative learning platform, forayed into the Indian market in January this year. Tapping into the demand for creative courses, the platform hosts courses ranging from web development to creative writing and a lot more. 

These successful and experienced women creators offer industry-specific insights, tips, and tricks to refine students’ skills and assign projects that provide a holistic learning experience. Let’s look at some popular women creators on Skillshare who offer courses on digital storytelling, photography, or UI/UX design among others, and cater to the learning levels of both beginners and professionals looking to upskill.

1. Lilly SinghVideo Storytelling Classes

Lilly Singh is a popular Canadian YouTuber, author, and talk show host with over 38 million followers across her social media channels. She hosted a critically acclaimed late-night show on NBC titled A Little Late With Lilly Singh, from 2019 to 2021. 

Being an experienced digital content creator and storyteller, Lilly explores the power of a well-written story, generating ideas, writing impactful scripts, and filming and editing with a vision in her Skillshare class. Her goal is to teach the art of creatively owning a story from writing to execution. For over 13,594 of her students, Lilly also provides experience-based tips on increasing social media presence and becoming an influencer. 

In 2017, UNICEF appointed Lilly as a Goodwill Ambassador, and she has been a prominent voice for women’s rights and girls’ access to education. Lilly has collaborated with Priyanka Chopra, Selena Gomez, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, among several others in the past.

2. Neha ModiArt-Based Mindfulness Classes

Neha is a mindful artist and illustrator based in Amsterdam. Her classes on Skillshare focus on mindfulness and creating meditative art. With affirmations, journeying through the depths of self-compassion, and playing with patterns that create a sense of calmness, Neha’s art urges students to dig deep and connect with themselves. 

After exploring career opportunities in television, events, and content, Neha turned to art as a form of self-care and expression. Her mindful ritual has now transformed into a full-time career. 

Neha hopes to share her passion for patterns interwoven with deep and meaningful messages with her growing community of over 6,958 students.

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3. Cat CoquilletteArt and Graphic Designing Classes

Cat is an independent artist and entrepreneur, offering classes on physical art and graphic designing. Her brand CatCoq has an aesthetic deeply rooted in her appreciation for different cultures and travel.

Through her Skillshare classes, she wishes to inspire aspiring artists to channel their curiosity into their art and unlock their hidden potential through patterns, paints, and leveraging creative software such as Procreate and Adobe Photoshop.

With over 79,953 students, Cat also offers classes on licensing art and social media marketing for people interested in monetizing their talents. Her artwork and designs are licensed worldwide in stores, such as Urban Outfitters, Target, among many others. 

Forbes, CNN, The New York Post, and other major publications have featured Cat’s writing, interviews, and designs.

4. Rose SprinkleInterior Designing Classes

Designer and entrepreneur Rose Sprinkle, offers interior designing classes on Skillshare. Color theory, contrasts, playing with lights, balance, and repetition are just some of the many aspects of interior designing that her classes delve into. 

With a quest to try out everything, Rose has previously owned a bath and body company, published children’s books, worked on the sets of the Twilight saga, and designed Edward Cullen’s home. Through her classes, she aspires to share industry tips and tricks and how students can craft a personal touch into any room.

Rose has over 35,729 students on Skillshare and her classes are for everyone, ranging from interior design novices to designers looking to upskill themselves. She also offers classes on making personalized home decor and how to understand and impress clients as an interior designer.

5. Patricia Reiners UI/UX Design Classes

Patricia is a Berlin-based UI and UX designer. A seasoned professional with over 7 years of experience, Patricia’s Skillshare classes cover the fundamentals of UI and UX, such as ideating, making varied ‌prototypes, and using software such as Adobe XD to test the design.

Having worked with Google and Adobe, Patricia’s classes offer experienced insights on the faced-paced nature of the industry, elaborate on building quick prototypes that work and incorporate functionality as a key aspect in the designs. At present, over 8,405 students have enrolled in her courses on building interactive products like services, apps, and smart devices. 

Patricia has also shared her knowledge and experience in various workshops and talks in the past.

6. Aga NaplochaWeb Development Classes

Poland-based Aga Naplocha is a coding designer who offers web development courses on Skillshare. People with an interest in coding and exploring career opportunities in the industry can learn the basics and advanced coding practices of HTML and CSS, publish websites with GitHub, and learn how to add animated graphics onto websites. 

Aga also heads an initiative, The Awwwesomes, which encourages people to learn to code, create web layouts, wireframes, mockups, and design their own websites. Aga has over 23,047 students and her goal is to make coding fun and easy for everyone.

7. Amelie SatzgerPhotography Classes

Amelie Satzger is a photo artist and art director known for her colorful, surrealistic approach. She offers classes on finding the photographic style and visual language, shooting images on iPhone and iPad, and taking whimsical pictures with everyday objects.

The Munich-based photo artist takes inspiration from books and lyrics and visualizes them into abstract artworks. Her work has been featured across numerous exhibitions and art fairs such as Fotofever in Paris, the United Photo Industries Gallery in New York, and the Galerie Courcelles Art Contemporain in Paris.