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The most creative content is not always the one that follows the trend but the one that makes you remember how good it made you feel or if it made you laugh. Karan Sareen or better known as @gorgeouspotaahto is that guy who will make you laugh at his username with its uniqueness and then his content.

His reels are funny and of the kind that would grab attention for the way, he delivers content.

Sareen is currently working on ad promos as well, and his sense of humour clearly comes through.

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He has moved on to toss his glitter in the air after ignoring all the criticism. At the Times Fashion Week, he walked the runway as a model for rishiandvibhuti.

The content is being produced, and the producers are doing everything they can to make it epic and distinctive. Many of them are participating in activities, and it’s fascinating to watch when they all get together.

If funny content is what leads you to scroll more and more over Instagram, you need to check out his account for sure.

A laughter a day keeps you going for the day- should be the mantra these days for all of us and we’ll help you do that.