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Following the trend and creating content based on it is something but having the real content- is another thing. Writer, Director, and content creator- what a mix, right? Vineeth Srinivasan is that mix.

This creator has been gaining millions of views on his content with the kind of original content he creates. It is witty, funny and something that people go through in their daily lives.

Content by Vineeth Srinivasan

Famous by @vineeth_sri on Instagram, Vineeth makes content that is funny and has a twist too.

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His content is sometimes a remix with a situation by another person like this one-

He is one of the effective creators who understood the potential of the internet and effectively used it to carve out a substantial position in the entertainment industry.

He has a very different bond with his followers, and because of this, he has been able to truly “influence” them. One of the reasons why the majority of his followers might have an open mind and respect for the viewpoints of others is because he is posting reality and not just content that has no meaning to it.

Do check out his content on his Instagram profile.