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WhatsApp is now working on new messaging features to create a better experience for all the users. Previously we covered the view once feature for images & videos (click here to know more) and WhatsApp’s upcoming feature Status Updates (click here to know more). Now, WhatsApp is working on Message Reactions. Let’s have a closer look into this new feature.


The concept of message reactions isn’t new to the messaging world. Twitter and iMessage already make use of this feature. Recently Instagram too became a part of this club and users there can now react to a message with an emoji, which is an add on to the existing liking a message feature.

Message reaction on WhatsApp is an unexpected move but it might be able to generalise the way people access instant messaging platforms. WABetaInfo says as “a first step, WhatsApp is working on a message to present when the user is using an outdated version of WhatsApp that does not support receiving reactions. In this case, the user cannot see the reaction but WhatsApp will present a different message, asking to update WhatsApp to see the reaction:

Source: WABetaInfo

The image shared above reads: You have received a reaction. Update your version of WhatsApp to see reactions. Update your WhatsApp.

Currently this feature is under development. However WhatsApp has confirmed that it will be first available to beta testers via an update in the future. The feature will also be extended to iOS and Desktop versions so as to make it accessible to everyone.

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