Vishnu Kaushal is a YouTuber, as well as a digital content creator. In 2019, TLJ Bloggers and Social Media honoured him with the Best Entertainer Award. His portrayal of Punjabi parents is accurate and relatable. Furthermore, it’s a mood now. Let’s talk about his five Punjabi Edition’ Instagram Reels without further ado, shall we?

1. Canadian Punjabi V.S. Desi Punjabi

If the contrast in accents, his friend struggling to hold back his laughter at first but both of them eventually laughing, and the pillow-on-the-face hit don’t make you chuckle, I’m not sure what would. Every time I watch it, I find myself giggling, so you’re bound to laugh the first time you watch it.

2. Non-Punjabis Trying to Speak Punjabi

“Haige haige seege haige” was my qualifying criterion for this video. In addition, the “Balle balle” version makes me nostalgic because I used to be one of those. Just watch it, already! It’s filled with relatable and entertaining content.

3. Punjabi Aunties’ Passion behind Shagun

From hugging to pushing each other, pulling hair and slapping the kid just to take money from his aunt while his mom denies is the exaggerated version of what every Indian child relates to. Oh my goodness! You already know what to do, so just tap away!

4. Simple Punjabi Calendar

Although the Punjabi words are more difficult to pronounce than the English words, the way he adds “Simple” in a Punjabi accent, at the end, seals the deal for me. Do I really need to tell you what to do? Come on, all you have to do is tap and watch.

5. Bollywood’s Perception of Punjabis

Lastly, the aalo de parothe, lassi, and leke chal naal make the video enjoyable, humorous, and easily identifiable in Bollywood films where it is assumed that this is how Punjabis speak. I really like how relatable it is. What a thoughtful and perceptive video! Without a doubt, you will laugh along with the character.

So, if you liked the content as much as I did, do not forget to check out his Instagram and YouTube page until my pen writes more for you.