Recently, a viral video of Bollywood actor Vikrant Massey has been making rounds on the internet. In the video, the actor is seen having an heated exchange with a cab driver. In no time this stirred controversy and sparked debate across social media platforms. Vikrant Massey’s typically calm demeanour contrasted sharply with his visibly upset state in the video, immediately raising eyebrows among fans who predicted it to be a staged drama. Like always, the audience emerged victorious as Vikrant is a part of the promotional campaign for inDrive, an on-call ride service that aims to revolutionise the transportation industry with its unique features.

Vikrant Massey's argument video a strategic inDrive promotion

The Vikrant Massey Viral Video

The viral video captures Vikrant Massey being disturbed by an increase in the cab fare, expressing frustration over the sudden increase in price, questioning the cab driver’s actions and expressing disbelief at the fare hike. Soon after the alleged cab driver also joins the argument stating that he not to be blamed and in reality it is the fault of the app, which he no control over. Quickly, the situation escalates, leaving the netizens in shock.

Vikrant Massey- the New Ambassador of inDrive

Soon after blowing up the argument video, there were speculations about the authenticity of the video. Shortly, it was revealed that the video was a planted scene to announce the partnership between Vikrant and inDrive.

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With Vikrant Massey’s involvement as the ambassador of inDrive, this will add credibility and visibility to the brand’s promotional efforts. His versatile performances in films and web series along with his boy-next-door charm resonate with audiences, making him an ideal choice to represent the brand’s values and mission.

inDrive and its Services

inDrive has been positioning itself as a customer-friendly alternative to traditional cab services, emphasising transparency and efficiency. The company offers features such as fare quoting, driver selection, and competitive pricing to enhance the overall user experience.

Collaboration with Content Creators

Not only has inDrive roped in Vikrant Massey as their brand ambassador but the brand has also been working closely with top content creators to increase its brand visibility. Till date, inDrive has worked with RJ Kisna, Harshita Gupta and RJ Praveen to highlight its various features through a series of videos-

RJ Kisna

RJ Kisna highlights inDrive’s “quote your fare” feature through a lighthearted video, showcasing its convenience and affordability. In the video, he and his friend utilise their bargaining abilities and strike the best deal with inDrive.

Harshita Gupta

Comedy creator Harshita Gupta humorously debates transportation choices, which initially seem like she is weighing dating options. However with inDrive’s “choose your driver” feature, it proves to be a safer and more personalised option.

RJ Praveen

RJ Praveen is busy working in office and he hosts his radio show when his friendly suddenly emerges on the screen asking him to hurry up otherwise they would have to face the burnt of surge due to office hours. Rj Praveen the highlights inDrive’s competitive pricing and affordability, promoting the brand’s value proposition to potential customers.

The viral video featuring Vikrant Massey’s argument with a cab driver has not only generated buzz but also shed light on inDrive’s innovative marketing tactics. With Vikrant emerging as the brand ambassador, coupled with collaborations with content creators, highlights inDrive’s commitment to offering a seamless and customer-centric ride-hailing experience and increasing its reach. As the transportation industry continues to evolve, inDrive’s proactive approach will help it positions itself as a significant player in the market.