Influencer marketing is a key strategy for any brand to propel itself into the mainstream and constitutes a significant proportion of marketing budgets. However, a recent report has disclosed a significant gender mismatch in influencer marketing that could lead to ineffective campaigns and budget wastages. In this article, we will understand the gender mismatch that exists in this realm of marketing and also list out ways to reach the target audience more effectively. 

Gender mismatch is a prominent issue in influencer marketing

Understanding the Issue

Women-centric brands often collaborate with female influencers, assuming a majority female following. However, only 45% of beauty and cosmetic influencers on Instagram have female-majority followers, indicating a substantial gender mismatch. On the contrary, female influencers are found to have more male followers. By assessing the target group of influencers more accurately, brands can have A substantial 104% estimated lift in average company sales through influencer marketing.

The Power of Analytics

To address this issue, analytics emerges as a powerful tool. By leveraging data analytics, brands can gain insights into the demographic composition of an influencer’s following. This ensures that marketing campaigns are tailored to reach the intended audience effectively and can give the desired outcomes. Following the steps mentioned below, brands can reduce the gender to a large extent and can make their influencer marketing strategies more rewarding. 

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Action Steps

Invest in Comprehensive Analytics Tools

Brands need to invest in comprehensive analytics tools and platforms that offer detailed insights into audience demographics and engagement metrics. By doing so, they ensure that their influencer marketing strategies are data-driven, targeted, and yield optimal results.

With action steps, one can curb the issue of gender mismatch in influencer marketing


Collaborate with Diverse Influencers

Instead of solely relying on female influencers, brands can collaborate with influencers who have a diverse following that aligns with their target audience. This approach broadens the reach and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Educate Influencers on Target Audience

Brands can work closely with influencers to educate them about their target audience and the importance of audience alignment. Providing guidelines and insights can help influencers create content that resonates with the intended demographic.

Regular Monitoring and Evaluation

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of influencer campaigns are essential. Brands should track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as engagement rate, conversion rate, and ROI to assess campaign effectiveness and make necessary adjustments frequently.

The issue of gender mismatch in influencer marketing and its solutions


The gender mismatch issue underscores the importance of adopting an analytical approach in influencer marketing. By embracing analytics and implementing proactive measures, brands can optimise their strategies, ensuring that every marketing rupee spent translates into tangible value for the brand. Through collaboration, education, and continuous improvement, the industry can work towards reducing the gender gap and achieving more effective influencer marketing campaigns.