Ourange Juice Gang fans, assemble! The Bollywood debut of your favourites – Saurabh Ghadge and Karan Sonawane a.k.a. Focused Indian – “Blackout” is now streaming on JioCinema. The two creators levelled up and delivered a beyond “Thik-Thak” performance in the movie alongside some stellar talent. Featuring  Vikrant Massey and Mouni Roy in the lead roles along with Sunil Grover, Blackout takes you on a hilariously thrilling ride.

The Plot

Blackout is a perfect addition to your weekend watchlist. Devang Shashin Bhavsar’s film trails the journey of a group of robbers who plan a heist named Operation Blackout. When investigative reporter Lenny D’Souza (Vikrant Massey) steps out in a dark Pune city, his car hits a robber’s van.

While he runs into a jackpot, he also runs into weirdos: a drunkard (Sunil Grover), a damsel-in-distress (Mouni Roy), and two of our favourite heroes. Karan and Saurabh play the role of two reel-maker Instagram influencers who are essentially wanted small-time thieves Thik and Thak.

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The Premiere

Blackout’s premiere night was a star-studded event filled with creators and celebrities who came to support their fellow stars. Watching Saurabh’s proud dad at the premiere was too wholesome! Our very own “Vasya” a.k.a. Bhuvan Bam was present as well to support his fellow creator friends.

What The Reviews Say

There’s a lot happening in Blackout all at once! You have to keep your eyes peeled on the screen to thoroughly enjoy this comedy thriller. The director Devang Shashin Bhavsar makes sure that the audience is entertained throughout. While the writing could be tighter and more refined, Blackout keeps you at the edge of your seat with its fast-paced storytelling.

When it comes to performances, it’s no surprise that Vikrant Massey impresses as Lenny. But Sunil Grover steals the show as Bewdya a.k.a Asghar Bhai. Mouni and Jisshu Sengupta played their roles well. Meanwhile, Karan Sonawane and Saurabh Ghadge gave breakout performances. They certainly impressed audiences with their impeccable timing.

Saurabh Ghadge Karan Sonawane Blackout content creators actors bollywood film movie debut thriller comedy Thik Thak Sunil Grover

Creators As Actors

It is heartwarming to see so many well-known content creators finally be a part of the film industry as well. Bollywood has always been a sort of melting pot that accepts and accommodates faces or ideas that are working. Social media stars are the newest entities for business value since they come with a crazy fan following that often exceeds many mainstream film actors. The presence of these faces immediately helps the film target a certain section of the audience and widens the viewership for its release.

Saurabh and Karan’s achievement feels like a personal win to the creator industry. “From 90 seconds reel to 90 minutes film, @saurabhghadge_vines what a journey this has been! This is a message to every content creator that we all have made it and there is no stopping us now #BelieveInMagic wrote Karan Sonawane in his caption.

Saurabh Ghadge beautifully captured this emotion by saying, “From making videos on a dabba phone in 2016 to doing a bollywood film. I could see the constant smile on my dad’s face throughout. I could see my loved ones feeling proud of me. This is the best feeling ever.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Saurabh Ghadge Karan Sonawane Blackout content creators actors bollywood film movie debut thriller comedy Thik Thak

Blackout takes you on a fun-filled and entertaining journey with solid twists and turns along every corner of the way. Go watch it now!