Apart from serving looks, fashion has the power to start meaningful conversations and question traditional norms.

Anvita Sharma a Delhi-based designer, strongly believes in this philosophy which ultimately led her to start her own gender-agnostic fashion label called Two Point Two (TPT) in 2017. TPT stands for body positivity, genderlessness and freedom of self-expression and identity. This also entails normalizing the breaking of every stereotype on the basis of which uniqueness is discriminated.

Two Point Two

The New Collection

Not defined or limited by gender, her new collectionA Warrior’s Journey‘ explores the Japanese martial arts tradition of ‘Shu-Ha-Ri’ paired with oversized prints, deconstructed silhouettes, and graphic motifs. With heavy streetwear influences, her designs for this collection incorporate various streetwear elements to create a high couture aesthetic that strikes a balance. One between tenderness and strength, sensuality and sophistication, masculinity and femininity.  The clothes have been made using specially engineered R|Elan™️ Greengold fabric made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles which beautifully compliments the Shu-Ha-Ri philosophy. Their website and social media channels effortlessly depict the label’s androgynous, visually vibrant fashion by complimenting the bright hues with a clean and minimal background aesthetic.

anvita sharma fashion brand

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Gender-Fluidity Is At The Core Of Two Point Two

Clothes are no longer defined by someone’s gender or sexuality. Fashion now, is primarily about self-expression and establishing one’s identity. Gender agnostic, gender fluid, gender neutral, and androgyny are all terms which represent an identity that transcends the masculine and feminine classifications of being. The amalgamation of art, identities and fashion forms the nucleus of the brand along with being sustainable. “We would like to break all limits and categorisations whether it’s gender, age, race, culture or size. We do not divide ourselves into menswear and womenswear. It’s a mix of both and possibly neither.” says Anvita. TPT has created clothes for ‘less than one-year-old infant to a 79-year-old woman.’

Although, it is still unusual for people in the country to see men in feminised attire; something that has been ingrained in our collective consciousness. Breaking such norms requires time but the wheels have been put into motion. There is a slow but steady shift in the purchasing habits, of cisgender men in particular. From associating feminine clothing for men with homosexuality initially, the perception is now shifting with influencers and celebrities embracing this trendsetting fashion movement. Ever since stars like Ranveer Singh and Harry Styles began receiving media coverage for their bold fashion choices, ranging from wearing skirts, anarkalis, and gowns with a tuxedo, cisgender men have begun to move away from the heteronormative neutral basic look and have started being experimental in their choices.

About The Founder

A Graduate in Fashion from Istituto Marangoni, Milan and Paris, Anvita Sharma worked with some established names in the industry Rick Owens, Paris and Nachiket Barve, Bombay. Upon returning back to India, she launched her gender-fluid fashion label, Two Point Two in 2017. Given her Economics degree from Delhi University and a Masters in Finance from Durham University, UK, she had the best knowledge and resources to create her own business.

Two Point Two is an amalgamation of the various philosophies, traditions, cultures and artistic sensibilities she witnessed and experienced in the different countries she lived in. A very strong Japanese aesthetic fused with certain characteristics of the West, taking techniques and detailing from the Indian arts and embroideries, form the basis of the brand. Anvita is an avid supporter of individuality and diversity and aims to create an inclusive discussion through her work. Every collection speaks against the discrimination of LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized communities while paying homage to those struggling to find their place in conventional society.

Lakme Fashion Week ’23

The brand’s newly launched collection “A Warrior’s Journey” had the most impressive showcase at the Lakme Fashion Week in partnership with the FDCI this year in April.

Anti-Fashion, Fashion Collaborations

They have carried out some very notable celebrity collaborations. From dressing actors and creators for high-profile events to launching a new collection with Influencers, we are just in awe of the sheer versatility Two Point Two possesses. Each piece of their work seems to be tailor-made to suit the personality of the celebrity carrying it.

“I still believe there is still a great deal of work to be done in order to normalise gender neutrality among the masses outside of metropolitan areas, and I am very optimistic and excited to be a part of this revolution.” says Anvita. We couldn’t agree more and really look forward to see how vivid and different the next collection will be!