Gullak, a beloved creation by TVF (The Viral Fever), returns for its fourth season, continuing to explore the heartwarming and relatable tales of the Mishra family. Premiering on SonyLIV on June 7, 2024, Gullak season 4 delves deeper into the intricacies of middle-class life, parenting, and the journey to adulthood, while maintaining the show’s signature charm and humour.

TVF's popular series Gulla returns for season 4

Synopsis of Gullak Season 4

The fourth season of Gullak brings back the familiar faces of the Mishra family: Santosh Mishra, an upright government employee; his sharp-tongued yet loving wife, Shanti; their eldest son, Anand “Annu,” now a medical representative; and their youngest, Aman, who is on the cusp of adulthood.

This season focuses on the family’s collective efforts to navigate life’s challenges, from dealing with corrupt bosses and societal pressures to managing personal growth and family dynamics. The series, directed by Shreyansh Pandey and written by Vidit Tripathi, continues to highlight the relatable, everyday struggles of an Indian middle-class family.

3 Things We Liked About Gullak Season 4

Relatable Work Challenges

Anand’s professional struggles resonate deeply, portraying the harsh realities many face in the workplace. His encounters with an uncouth boss and the unethical practices at his job highlight the importance of financial preparedness and having a safety net. This storyline underscores the need for saving and being ready for unexpected career challenges, making it highly relatable for many viewers.

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Valuing and Protecting Assets

Shanti’s experience of being mugged for her gold chain brings attention to the significance of valuing and safeguarding one’s possessions. The family’s reaction, including gathering proof of ownership and reporting the theft, emphasises the importance of keeping receipts and insuring valuable items. This scenario serves as a practical lesson on asset protection and the emotional value attached to personal belongings.

Navigating Ethical Dilemmas

Santosh’s struggle with paying a bribe to a municipality officer showcases the moral dilemmas faced in everyday life. His insistence on getting a written assurance despite the corrupt practice reflects the need for accountability and integrity in financial dealings. This plotline highlights the importance of standing up for one’s rights and ensuring transparency, even in challenging situations.

3 Things We Disliked About Gullak Season 4

Signs of Repetition

While the show’s relatability remains its strength, some plotlines and character interactions start to feel repetitive. The familiar scenarios and predictable resolutions can sometimes lack the freshness and surprise that earlier seasons delivered, making parts of the series feel stagnant.

Limited Character Development

Despite the strong performances, some characters, especially the supporting ones, do not see significant development or new arcs. This can make them seem one-dimensional and less engaging over time, reducing the overall depth of the narrative.

Missed Opportunities for Complexity

While the series excels in portraying simplicity, there is a noticeable lack of more complex, contemporary issues that could add depth to the storyline. Addressing more nuanced social and political topics could help the series evolve and stay relevant in changing times.

Gullak Season 4 successfully continues the series’ tradition of delivering heartwarming and relatable stories, enriched with valuable life lessons. However, the signs of repetition, limited character development, and missed opportunities for more complex themes suggest that the show needs to innovate to maintain its appeal. With its perfect blend of humour, relatability, and depth, this season reaffirms why Gullak remains a cherished show among its audience.