Bridgerton is an extremely popular show in India as much as it is loved globally. Since the news about the infusion of Bollywood flair into the regency-era romance series Bridgerton was made public, it has stirred excitement. Banita Sandhu, renowned for her roles in Bollywood hits like October and Sardar Udham, joins the cast for the third season. Her portrayal of Ms. Sita Malhotra has sparked intrigue among fans eager to witness her contribution to the series.

Banita Sandhu bags a role in Bridgerton

Indian Addition to the Bridgerton Universe

Banita Sandhu’s arrival has kickstarted a new chapter in the saga, promising to introduce fresh dynamics to the cast. As Ms. Sita Malhotra, her character is anticipated to weave seamlessly into the intricate social fabric of the Bridgerton world, adding depth and complexity to the drama.

Peek Behind the Scenes

Recently, Banita Sandhu took to her Instagram account to offer fans a glimpse of behind the scenes of Bridgerton. Through a series of photos, she shared snippets of her experience on set, showcasing not only her gorgeous Victorian-era attire but also the off-screen bond she shared with her co-stars.

In her Instagram post, Banita Sandhu expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Netflix and Shondaland for the opportunity to immerse herself in the world of Bridgerton. She conveyed her excitement at playing the character of Ms. Sita Malhotra and shared her delight at being able to dress up and inhabit the world created by Julia Quinn.

Despite her gratitude, Banita Sandhu couldn’t resist her desire to keep the exquisite costumes from the show. This touch added a healthy dose of humour in the comments who sent her message of appreciation. 

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Season 3 Unveils New Romances

As Bridgerton Season 3 unfolds across eight episodes, viewers are treated to a exciting unfolding of romance, intrigue, and societal conventions. The evolving relationship between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton takes center stage, portraying the blossoming of friendship into love.

Banita Sandhu to play Ms Sita in Bridgerton Season 3


Banita Sandhu’s induction into the world of Bridgerton is an exciting new chapter for the beloved series. With her talent, and undeniable screen presence, she is poised to leave an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.