Traveling is one way to learn about the world and people. And those who travel know how it can change perspectives about things. In this social media world, there are many people who travel and decide to record a vlog, write a blog or just simply capture it through pictures. There is a lot of travel content on the internet; not just nationally but it is from throughout the world.

There are solo travel content creators and there are those who found partners to do the best thing of their life- Travel!

Here we are telling you about a few couple content creators who travel and create amazing content.


This couple is going places and creating couple goals.

Bruised Passports

Bruised Passports is one of the famous travel vlogger couples who started traveling long back and are now really famous for their content. The couple also launched their own book by the same name as their blog.

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This couple is following trends while traveling and setting goals.


Manifesting and getting travel life right is what this couple is doing.

Follow their content and go plan your trips!