Even though Idea is no longer in the cellular market as a single company, people are still impressed with its advertising campaigns. Idea had always propagated unique and helpful advertisements for the netizens. Would you have ever imagined that its 2008 advertisement ‘Education for all’ would become a reality from 2020 onwards? No one could! The only difference between our reality and the ad is the advancement of mobile phones. From simple structures with buttons, they have transformed into smartphones with touch facilities.  

You can view Idea’s ad ‘Education for all’ here:

Think about the level of advancement Idea had thought about for the future in that period regarding mobile connectivity and education. In the ad, the teacher was seen teaching through quite many mobiles for her voice to be clear to every distant studying student of the rural areas. Now, let’s compare it to our current situation. Presently, we have the advantage of video calls. So, viewing and listening aren’t a problem at all. The teachers can teach from their side, and the students can learn from their side. With just a click, digital education is in our hands. 

Mr. Sanjeev Aga (Source: SPIJIMR)

In Campaign India, Sanjeev Aga, former managing director of Idea Cellular had stated, “IDEA is redefining mobile telephony standards through its reach, connectivity and value-added features. We believe strongly that new ideas can change our lives, a thought that has been central to our brand promise from the beginning.” Also, when they thought of this their initial idea was the development of girl education. Now, if we think about it then didn’t it all come true? I’ve to say Idea’s thought process was way forward! Not everyone can think of something like this and execute it so greatly. As the brand ambassador, Abhishek Bachchan had done a spectacular job in executing the campaign. What an idea, ‘Sirji’!

Abhishek Bachchan (Source: Instagram)

Just as Idea speculated, India would have surely reached that stage but it would have taken a bit of time. With the ongoing pandemic, digital education took over at a rapid pace. Not only that, but the changes in the work environment are also massive. From going to the office to doing work from home, everything has changed. India has embraced the digital ecosystem at a fast pace. Today’s advertisements need more such noble ideas that encourage every generation towards a better future, better development. Only with such grand and advanced thinking, India will prosper.