Jay Shetty is a former monk, life and purpose coach, author, and influencer who believes in not only sharing his knowledge visually but also through podcasts. He strives to create an impact on others’ lives. His worst nightmare, said by Radhi in a video, is a person not living up to their fullest potential. Jay is known to make series surrounding life experiences to learn and grow through. His series have been admired and well-received by the audience, including me. So here are five life lessons, in the form of IGTV series by Jay Shetty, that we can learn from.

1. Story of Jay and Radhi

Let’s begin by talking about the essence of traditional dating by exploring Jay and Radhi’s journey from meeting each other to falling in love, shall we? This video talks not only about the importance of seeing someone in their element, their equations with others, behaviour towards others, etc. but also setting expectations and having an open conversation with your partner about the same.

2. 4 Transforming Activities: TIME

Here’s another video that helps us transform our lives by incorporating certain aspects, explained to us by Jay. This detailed video goes explores everything from why is it important too how does it help us with examples. Watch and come, join me on this path, will you?

3. Monk Mind V.S. Monkey Mind and the Guard

We all procrastinate and let our minds tell us to snooze the alarm clock, skip exercising, or eating junk… We also let it make us feel guilty for the same thing that our minds convinced us to do, in the first place. So how do we make our reasoning stronger and what are these two types of minds and the guard that the topic suggests? Watch now to know more!

4. Snippets From ‘Think Like a Monk’

Here’s how Jay experimented everything that he learnt at the monk school and wrote the book, ‘Think Like A Monk’. In this book, he shares his experiences with what helped him, how it helped and the importance of the same. If you don’t want to live a monk life but learn and grow, this video is for you. So what are you waiting for? Tap and watch it right away!

5. 4 Conversational Questions for Your Partner and You

Lastly, here’s how you can answer questions that depend on your partner’s personality to know more and strengthen the relationship. By doing so, you not only understand how much your partner pays attention to you but also how much you have grown to learn about each other which will further help you solve conflicts, accept changes and adapt to both your personalities in a better way. I learnt a lot from it, tap and see if you do, too!

So, if this article helped you in any way or explored you to learn something new, don’t forget to check Jay’s content curated especially for you. And until my pen writes more for you, here are two articles featuring Jay and Radhi for you to read by tapping on ‘Radhi Devlukia’s Dubai Vlog with Jay Shetty’ and ‘Radhi Devlukia’s Cooking Invites Happiness’. Happy reading, learning and growing, y’all!