Social Nation has always been the one stop for all things digital- From the who, when, what of our favourite creators, to exciting digital campaigns on social media, we have celebrated the digital world like no other. After successfully hosting Asia’s Largest Creator Festival that was an absolute banger spread over two-days, Social Nation is back, this time with a video podcast series- The Social Nation Show, streaming on Spotify and is produced by the best in the business AKA Pod.One. This show promises to be a fascinating journey into the lives of those who shape the digital landscape.

The Social Nation Show is live on Spotify

What is The Social Nation Show?

The Social Nation Show is a multi-episode video podcast series that brings in the biggest creators from the digital world. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, comedy, you name it and we shall have it. 

The show will delve into the stories behind India’s most popular content creators, knowing the person behind the screen through the screen as they get candid about their life. 

Niti Desai, the host of the show, will administer conversations ranging from stories about childhoods, to their journey in the creator economy, to navigating fan communities, creative blocks, mental health, relationships, and the larger creator industry as a whole.

Who All Can You Expect?

Social Nation is known to bring the biggest and most popular Indian and Global creators. For the Social Nation Festival alone, we had more than 200 creators under the same roof. The Social Nation Show will be nothing different as we gear up to bring India’s most influential content creators in upcoming episodes.

For our debut episodes, we have the corps d’elite of the creator economy including the laughter riot Dharna Durga, the Queen of pick-up lines RJ Princy and the GenZ Godmother Srishti Garg. These three women are ruling the creator business and we are here for them!

These creators will share their personal journeys, challenges, achievements, and everything in between, providing a never seen before glimpse into the lives of those who entertain and inspire millions.

Where Can You Watch The Social Nation Show?

The Social Nation Show will be available on all leading audio and video platforms on Social Nation’s official channels. The Video podcasts will be distributed on Social Nation’s Spotify and YouTube handles, whereas the audio podcasts will also be available on Social Nation’s Apple Podcast, JioSaavn, Amazon Music and Gaana Platform. Fun snippets of the podcast will also be available on Instagram and YouTube Shorts that will capture the most interesting parts of each episode.

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Meet Pod.One

Behind every great podcast is a team that ensures everything runs smoothly. Enter Pod.One, the force that transforms ideas into reality. They provide knowledge, planning, and preparation, to run a smooth show. Not only this, the team also helps with branding, positioning, and launching your podcast on powerful publishing platforms. 

The Social Nation Show produced by Pod.One is live on Spotify

As the exclusive Producers of The Social Nation Show, Pod.One only promises to bring the best to the table, in this case the screens. With ample experience and the best team, Pod.One will surely metamorphose The Social Nation Show into a big hit! 

The Social Nation Show is set to revolutionise how we view content creation in India. By offering an intimate look at the lives of leading creators, it brings forth authentic storytelling that will resonate with viewers. With the expertise of Pod.One backing the production, the show is poised to become a staple in the podcasting world. The episodes will be out on Spotify. Follow our channels to know the insider details, the next in the pipe-line and much more.