In the age of social media, geographical boundaries are become increasingly blurred. This digital interconnectedness fosters a global community where individuals from diverse cultures can connect and share their interests. This has spiked the curiosity individuals have about different cultures, including a heightened interest in Indian cinema that goes beyond its traditional appeal. Recently, Mayo and Kake from Japan have gone viral for recreating the iconic Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (K3G) scene and netizens cannot stop gushing about it.

Japanese creators Mayo and Kake recreate K3G Scene in a Viral Video

Mayo and Kake Taku’s Viral Video

In one of the most adorable display of cross-cultural admiration, Japanese content creators Mayo and Kake Taku left the fans spellbound by recreating an iconic scene from the beloved Bollywood film, K3G. 

The duo, dressed as the film’s lead characters, flawlessly reenacted the memorable moment when Kajol’s character, Anjali, mistakes Shah Rukh Khan’s character, Rahul, for her sister’s fiancé. 

Mayo, dressed in traditional Indian attire and accessories, depicted Anjali’s character with precision, while Kake Taku perfectly mirrored Shah Rukh Khan’s mannerisms in the iconic light-coloured suit.

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Bollywood Craze

Their video not only showcased their admiration for Bollywood cinema but also highlighted the universality of emotions shown in Indian films. In their caption, they humorously referenced learning Hindi through iconic Bollywood dialogues, highlighting the famous line “Bade Mazakiya Ho” from the comedy scene they recreated. The video quickly gained traction, earning praise from fans worldwide and has crossed 14 million views.

Netizens react to the viral video Japanese creators Mayo and Kake recreating K3G Scene

Enthusiastic Global Reception

Responses poured in from viewers, expressing delight at the duo’s rendition of the iconic scene. Many praised their charming performance, while some humorously noted the subtle deviations from the original. The widespread reaction emphasised Bollywood’s profound influence on global pop culture.

This isn’t the first time Kake Taku has paid tribute to Indian cinema. He previously entertained audiences with a choreography of the popular song “Pushpa Pushpa” from Allu Arjun’s film, demonstrating his admiration for South Indian cinema.

Mayo has also been a fan of the Indian culture for the longest time. She has recreated many popular Bollywood and Tollywood dances while amusing her Japanese counterparts with some actions specific to Indians. Not only this, she is a trained Odissi dancer who celebrates the intricacies of Indian classical dance form. 

The Power of Social Media in Cultural Exchange

This ongoing cultural exchange is directly related to the power of social media in bridging gaps between different parts of the world and allowing people to celebrate and participate in each other’s artistic expressions.