The bluebird as known as Twitter now has a competitor we suppose and the new one is making quite a hustle being the new social media platform.

Making social media enjoyable once more is what the Twitter clone Bluesky, founded by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, is attempting.

Several people are looking for alternate social media networks when the blue tick verification and API access turn into paid services. Mastodon, a decentralised platform, emerged as a challenger early on, while Bluesky has recently gained attention as a potential heir to Twitter.


A decentralized social network protocol and related social networking services are being developed as part of the Bluesky effort. It was initially developed within Twitter, Inc. before being spun out, and it hired its first staff in 2021. That same year, it was also incorporated as a separate public benefit business.

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What to know about BlueSky Social?

  • It is utilized as an open-frame source network with the exclusive AT Protocol, making it transparent to users so they can understand how it operates.

  • As this will be a decentralized platform, the app allows users to establish profiles and would later allow them to create apps and develop communities within the network. It has a similar visual style to Twitter.

  • Instead of company-owned servers, all data will be stored on independent servers.

  • Moderation is the primary distinction between Twitter and BlueSky Social. Users can manually label items using the system.
  • A decentralized open social media platform has been attempted before, but not in the same way as BlueSky Social.

  • In order to join the platform, which currently has a waiting list, you need an invite-only code.

  • Every two weeks, current users receive one invitation ticket to share with a friend.

  • Recently, the platform has attracted a number of celebrities.

  • In February, iOS users could download the beta version of the app, while Android users could do so in March. Since then, the program has been downloaded more than 300,000 times.

The Twitter alternative is invite-only so far. While there is only some information available for the social media platform, we will update you whenever there is something new about BlueSky Social.