A new genre of content creators has emerged as a result of Instagram’s growth as a social media platform, each bringing its own distinct inventiveness and sense of style. One such artist is the gifted Alessandro Vitale who is known as @spicymoustache over Instagram. His artistic vision and use of visual narrative have captured the interest of many.

A London-based farmer and native, Alessandro has been posting content for a while. More than a million people have become fans of his cooking, and they frequently watch to view his most recent works. His food is largely about using the food the right way without wasting any bit of it- Zero Waste Cooking!

Alessandro Vitale is setting the standard for zero-waste cooking to solve the urgent problem of food waste. Thousands of followers on his Instagram account are being motivated to cook sustainably and lessen their carbon footprint by him.

“I founded Spicymoustache to share my love and passion for nature and teach everyone how to grow their own food and not waste any part of it! The roots of this projects are driven by the strong purpose of teaching people how to be more sustainable no matter where you live or the space available regenerating land, cooperating with nature and stop wasting your food!”, says Alessandro.

Alessandro started his urban garden seven years ago to promote reconnection with nature, taking inspiration from his grandpa. Since then, he has established lucrative social media platforms where he posts educational material on topics like gardening, maximizing food production in a small space (Alessandro grows his own food in an area of just 8 by 5 meters), foraging for wild foods, using natural remedies, and how to live more sustainably even in the middle of the city.

His mission is to teach his audience and the globe how to grow their own food, restore the lost connection to nature, and lessen their environmental influence by reducing their carbon footprint.

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Zero Waste Usage done right

Vitale urges people to use all portions of ingredients in their cooking, from the leaves and stems to the roots and skins, through his zero-waste cooking methodology. In order to prevent food waste, he also promotes meal planning and utilizing leftovers.

Here are some of the ways how he turns what we think is waste into useful consumable food!

Cooking sustainably doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, which is one of Vitale’s main points. Anyone can limit food waste and prepare scrumptious, healthy meals with a little imagination and basic knowledge.

He wants to make sustainable cooking the standard rather than the exception by motivating more people to take action against food waste.

This guy can help you build your own garden from scratch. Watch him build the garden-

We can build a more sustainable and fair food system for everyone if we adopt zero-waste cooking practices and reduce food waste.

Be it anything, Vitale will give you an idea to make sure nothing goes to waste and it becomes something edible and keeps you healthy. Do check out his content and tell us what did you love most from his content.