When we hear Javelin, the first person that comes to our mind is Neeraj Chopra- the Indian gold medal winner at Olympics.

Chopra is the first track and field athlete to win a gold medal for India at the Olympics. He is also the first track and field athlete from India to win at the IAAF World U20 Championships, and in 2016 he achieved a world under-20 record throw of 86.48 m, becoming the first Indian athlete to set a world record. Chopra is from the Ror community of Haryana.

After Chopra won the title, he became famous and gained many fans and followers on social media. He started endorsing famous brands and became someone more than just an athlete.

The latest brand collaboration of Neeraj comes with YouTube Shorts. The #JavRun challenge is here for people to make videos and post them on their YouTube Shorts. This comes as a promotion of YouTube Shorts to people as it competes with Instagram Reels.

He posted a video where he is asking The Great Khali to take the challenge of #JavRun. He is asking people to take the challenge and post their videos on YouTube Shorts.

YouTube has been promoting Neeraj as a YouTube user and YouTube Creator for some time now. They posted this video where he tells his story and it is promoted with #CreatingforIndia.

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Neeraj Chopra has done many advertisements till now and is a brand ambassador for brands like TATA AIA Life Insurance which was the first company to sign the athlete as a brand ambassador. His advertisement with CRED went viral as different brands tried selling him different things.

Chopra, who entered his first international competition in 2013- the World Youth Championships in Ukraine, has a long way to go as a player and promoter. As he continues to win games and hearts, we hope to see him achieve more and more in the future.