Yoga is regarded as a form of physical, mental and spiritual medicine. It is a peace-providing solution for everyone, from breathing exercises to asanas for each part of the body until relaxation. The Indus-Sarasvati culture in Northern India established Yoga about 5,000 years ago. It is now honoured as International Yoga Day around the world on June 21st, as recommended by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at the United Nations. It has been going on since 2015, and is widely discussed around the world.

The theme of International Yoga Day in 2021 is ‘Yoga for Well-Being,’ with a focus on building immunity and remaining active in light of the Covid-19 pandemic’s importance. Hence, this article brings to you the ten benefits of Yoga through experts with Social Nation. So without any further ado, let us dive into the pool of topic, shall we?

1. Stretching and Releasing Body Tension

Namrata Purohit, the youngest Stott Pilates Instructor, discusses asanas that help you stretch your body and release tension for greater flexibility. One of the most prominent Yoga influencers and our first expert for the piece is an author, entrepreneur, founder, and Yoga practitioner who co-founded The Pilates Studio in Mumbai. Sara Ali Khan, a Bollywood actress, has been seen training with her. She describes the downward dog posture, the cat stretch, and the shell stretch as ideal asanas for a flexible body with no muscle stretch in this video. Her Instagram account has a lot more information about many other postures that might help in a variety of situations, so be sure to check it out!

2. 30 Days Weight Loss

The next person to learn from is Radhika Bose, a fitness, blogging, and lifestyle creator and blogger. She started a 30-day weight-loss challenge on Instagram, where she talked about postures and diet, as well as sharing expertise with her followers. She discusses several asanas that benefit each section of the body, ultimately assisting everyone in losing weight naturally. Aside from that, she is seen uploading videos to her page that help to improve abs, legs, and other body parts. It’s worth noting down her page.

3. Digestion and Metabolism

Another video that she helped us with is the one where she talks about 3 asanas that help with the digestion as well as the metabolism. She says, “Yoga plays an important role to maintain a good digestive system and so does Sofit, which also gives you Healthy Energy To Do More.” So do not forget to check this out uploaded by her especially for this Yoga Day celebration.

4. Relaxing Yoga Flow

Digvijay Singh, a health coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga instructor, and more, discusses Hyperlapse yoga sequence for daily relaxation. Even though his postures appear hard, they are simple to follow and the soundtrack is light and breezy. Check out his other series if you want to learn more about different Yoga asanas.

5. Improve Sleep for an Energized Body

Shani Dayal, an online Yoga tutor, tells how we may use yoga to improve our sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. She focuses on the major component of lying down postures, followed by things to remember for a better environment of relaxation for the body away from all the stress and anxiety. She also offers a number of remedies for headaches, anxiety, and balance, among other things. Check it out and put it to good use for a healthier work-from-home lifestyle.

6. Breathe Out Stress, Breathe in Happiness

Sunaina Rekhi, a feel-good therapist, explains the various advantages of the cat and cow poses. She is a global health and lifestyle influencer who represented our country at the United Nations headquarters in New York. She discovered her passion in yoga and earned a degree in counselling and psychotherapy from Nottingham University. She believes in feeling good being equally important not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.

7. Refreshing Breaths

Sakshi Gupta, a YouTuber, mobility and yoga teacher, feminist, and more, demonstrates how pursed lip breathing and breathing for anxiety reduction can help you live a happier, fitter, and healthier life. Her page is chock-full of asanas to help with period cramps, post-covid healing, and pregnancy core strength, among other things. Her lessons are quite profound, and she is passionate about sharing what she has learned through her Instagram and YouTube channels.

8. Balanced Posture

Namita Piparaiya, a Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation coach and advocate of a healthier living, provides her knowledge of five asanas that can help with posture and balance. She recommends taking a 10-minute break and practising yoga for a more relaxed feeling before returning to work with concentration and attention. She shares her wisdom with those of us who are stuck at home working and trying to be a better version of ourselves.

9. Shoulders, Arms and Back Strength

Preeti Acharya, a Yoga coach and influencer believes in strength as one of the major benefits of yoga. She says, “Who doesn’t want to do a handstand? Try these drills to build strength in your arms, shoulders and back. Even if you’re far from handstand in your practice, these drills will help you anyways building upper body strength”. Not matter a beginner or an advanced level learner, Preeti’s profile is one place for strength nutrition, body relaxation and all things Yoga.

10. Calming Your Mind Away from Stress

Dr. Trinayana Brahma, a dentist, fitness and wellness coach, and more, discusses a 5-minute routine for achieving a calm state of mind, which includes savasana. Her page is chock-full of asanas to practise, all of which are rather simple to do. Check it out if you want to improve your posture and gain a better understanding of it.

So I hope from this International Yoga Day onwards, you and I are onto a journey of healthier mental, physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves. And, until my pen writes more for you, let us take a deep breath and promise ourselves an enriched lifestyle! Happy Yoga, y’all!