Pepsi has always been peppy with its jingles and tracks for advertisement. This time too they created a sensation with Yashraj Mukhate. ‘Pepsi Aur Bhi Zyada Refreshing’ in Yashraj’s voice made the brand level up in all the right ways. #PepsiAurBhiZyadaRefreshing with Salman Khan was already their latest jingle, but this refreshing twist in the form of a song was needed right now.

Check out #PepsiAurBhiZyadaRefreshing here:

You may not know but the track is already trending among celebrities and creators. From Shivangi Joshi, Gauhar Khan, Awez Darbar, Aashika Bhatia, Sayyed Arishfa Khan, Sameeksha Sud, Rohit Zinjurke, Shehnaaz Gill, Avneet Kaur to Dhanashree Verma Chahal, and many more influencers made content on it. Now, let’s see their versions of content!

Here’s Aashika swaying on the track!

In Arishfa’s words, “Swag se bolo garmi ko ‘bye-bye’ kyunki Pepsi ab aur bhi zyada refreshing hai.”

Want to get relieved from this “haye garmi”? Follow Shivangi’s steps!

Rohit definitely knows the way out of this “whattay garmi” ‘cause as he said “Weather gods toh sunne se rahe.

Do you feel Awez’s refreshment technique will work out?  Let’s try it out with Pepsi then!

Gauhar’s video really made me feel thirsty. Don’t you all feel the same? My bottle of Pepsi! Where are you?

Ah, just look at the way Dhanashree is grooving along with Pepsi. Let’s hop on too!

Style statement with blue? Shehnaaz surely knows how to nail it! Even Yashraj couldn’t stop exclaiming about its coolness.

Ha-ha! Looks like Avneet is having the time of her life with Pepsi’s chillness.

“Beat the heat like a boss” just the way Sameeksha did!

Creators look so in tune with Yashraj’s ‘Pepsi Aur Bhi Zyada Refreshing’ that we can’t help but marvel at the magic of his talented voice, and of course Pepsi! Roping in influencers and creators is like the one-way ticket to reach trending heaven, and Pepsi successfully did it. Now, all we can think of is how refreshing Pepsi is in this hot weather. No kidding!