It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is a Taylor Swift world and we’re just living in it!

The singer, director, composer, and whatnot- she has released a new album- ‘Midnights’ that has again got her fans excited and happy.

One of the top ten most subscribed-to artists on YouTube is Taylor Swift. She has more than 47.5 million members on her Official Artist Channel and has received more than 3.95 billion views in the last year alone. In more than 50 regions, her music has been featured on YouTube’s Top Songs chart, and “All Too Well [10 Minute Version] (Taylor’s Version),” a recent release, reached the top spot on both the global and US charts.

Her new music videos don’t take much time to cross million views and streams in a few hours.

In addition, Swift has five music videos in the YouTube Billion Views Club, two of which—”Shake It Off” and “Blank Space”—are among the select few to surpass the 3 billion views threshold.

She has now released the new song’s challenge like other artists and it’s something her fans might look forward to- The #TSAntiHeroChallenge!

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How to join in?

They have shared how can you participate in the shorts challenge.

It’s easy! First, make sure to watch the brand new music video for “Anti-Hero” and then take a moment to think about your own anti-heroic traits. Once you’re ready, head over to YouTube Shorts to start your own #TSAntiHeroChallenge creation and follow these simple steps:

  • Grab your cell phone
  • Pop into YouTube and hit the ‘+’ sign followed by “Create a Short”
  • Click “Add sound” and search for “Anti-Hero”
  • Hit the red circle to record your video
  • Add the hashtag #TSAntiHeroChallenge as part of the caption
  • Hit publish!

“The #TSAntiHeroChallenge is all about acknowledging and celebrating the traits that make each of us truly unique and showcasing one’s true self in a FUN way. An anti-heroic trait could be as simple as always grabbing the last slice of pizza, clapping at the end of movies, always putting your feet on the car dashboard, using the same word to start your daily Wordle, leaving your clean laundry in the basket until the next time you do it, pretending you didn’t already watch the next episode of the series you watch with your pals, or even treating your cat like a human.”, wrote YouTube blog.