Suryaveer Hooja is a multi-talented vocalist who blends Indian and Western traditions in his music. People enjoy listening to the link of his voice and the expression of love in the form of a song, hence he is known for doing romantic covers. He has released a new song called Ek Din Kahin, which was inspired by the same. What is the message and significance of this song? Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

Ek Din Kahin backed by One Digital Entertainment is the first chapter of a romantic story that explores attraction through the characters’ constant eye contact. It’s a lighthearted tune with positive vibrations that delves into the beginning of every love story: attraction. “Ek din kahin is not just a song, it’s an emotion, it’s love, it’s like a child being born,” Suryaveer said when asked about his feelings. “It’ll be the most anticipated release of my life, and I’d also say that this real-life inspired baby is a piece of my heart.” From the melody, the lyrics to the video shot in Goa by Lost Films, we get to be a part of this beautiful chapter from the coming-of-age song and we cannot avoid feeling the emotion and love, ourselves.

Suryaveer’s Ek Din Kahin is his debut song, which he composed, sang, and wrote himself. He marks the debut with that sensation that makes you smile, gives you butterflies in your stomach, and makes you forget to breathe. It’s about love, and that’s exactly how we feel while listening to the song. Suryaveer and Onima Kashyap play lovers in the video, and we adore the romance, simplicity, and beauty that we see in it. The melody that we listen to has been put together with great effort by Vishal Dixit, mixed by Onkar Tarkase and mastered by Donal Wheelan (hafod UK). Witness the love yourself by tapping on the video right away!

If this song gave you a breezy, feel-good vibe and made you feel the ‘love is in the air’ sensation, do not forget to fill the video with love and support. We cannot wait for the second part and I’m sure neither can you. We wish Suryaveer the best and are excitedly waiting for the next! If you want to listen to more songs sung by Suryaveer, tap HERE to do so on his YouTube channel. If you want to know Suryaveer’s musical journey, you can tap HERE to read about the same. And until my pen writes more for you, let’s celebrate love, shall we?