Satshya Tharien is a popular content creator based in Mangaluru, Karnataka. She has 95.4K followers on Instagram, 2.1K subscribers on YouTube, over 1K followers on Twitter. Her content revolves around cooking, hair, language, chemistry hacks, and so on. Let me tell you, her sense of humour is literally grade A! You will be super impressed with her content, and I’m damn sure of it.

Without any further ado, let’s get into Satshya’s ‘Hacks to Learn’ ft. languages edition:

1. Hindi

2. Marathi

3. Korean

4. Kannada

5. Tamil

6. Mangalorean

7. Malayalam

8. Bengali

If you’re still confused about how many languages she’s well-versed with, then watch this:

Satshya’s witty humour and cheerful smile always grabbed the netizen’s attention. Her quirky “easy” at the end of every video makes people remember her content. She’s just on another level! Tbh, no one can be at par with her. Am I right or Am I right? Also, if you’re in search of such entertaining content then check out the Top 10 Entertaining & Humorous YouTube Videos of Funcho in 2021.