Sumukhi Suresh, stand-up comedian, actor, and writer featured in Levi’s India’s ‘I Shape My World’ Season 6. The creator opened up about her journey, struggles, and insecurities that she faced in her life. From going through that phase to being a successful woman in life, she divulges everything.

Levi’s India stated on YouTube, “The world is a better place with Sumukhi after comedy. She’s full of confidence, a role model, the protagonist of her own story and just nicer to herself. This is her #IShapeMyWorld Story.”

Watch the video here:

“Dedicated to all those unstoppable women who have shaped their world”, as mentioned by Levi’s India, season 6 of ‘I Shape My World’ not only featured Sumukhi but six other extremely outstanding women too. They are none other than Seema Samridhi (Advocate), Trisha Shetty (Activist), Faye D’Souza (Independent Journalist), Iti Rawat (Entrepreneur), Raja Kumari (Artist), and Zoya Akhtar (Film Maker).

Quoting Levi’s India, ‘I Shape My World’ celebrates “the risk-taking, game-changing, rule-breaking women that are challenging what society expects from them, and shaping the world on their own terms.” I’ve to say, this effort is really commendable!