Sourav Joshi, who runs India’s biggest vlogging channel, Sourav Joshi Vlogs has officially marked his entry into the music world by starring in Voila Digi‘s music video Mauja.

Source: Voila Digi

About Sourav Joshi

Sourav Joshi is a vlogger, YouTuber and an artist. His love for art can be seen on his art channel Sourav joshi Arts which amassed over 2 million subscribers. For sharing his personal life he runs another channel Sourav Joshi Vlogs which boasts a subscriber count of over 7 million! Sourav is one of the most humble creators on the platform and his younger brother Piyush is a crowd favourite too. Together they share with the audience, content which has a really wholesome personal touch to it.

Mauja the song is about celebrating life. Live. Love. Laugh. It features Sourav Joshi along with Shyrinn Anicka. The duo is seen embarking on a lively trip which is full of love and laughter. Sung by Nikhil D’Souza and Rukhsar Bandhukia, Mauja has a soothing rhyme and rhythm to it which makes it even more engaging.

Released on 24th August, 2021. The song has already garnered over 16 Million views and (at the time of writing) it is trending number 3 on YouTube in the Music section!

This isn’t the first time Voila Digi is making music videos with YouTube creators. They’ve made two of those with Nikhil (Mumbiker Nikhil) and Shanice in the past. Well while we are on the subject of music videos do check out Mauja, in case you haven’t already!