Social Nation Residency is a programme where creators are daily learning new skills or rather how to use their skills in the right ways. Yesterday ended with a session about how building a lifestyle brand can change how you represent your content.

How to build a Lifestyle brand?

Leading lifestyle content creator Meghna Kaur Kaushal who is known as @shetroublemaker and the Editor-in-Chief of @lifestyleasiaindia@rahulgangs_ came together to make creators understand what constitutes a lifestyle and how can they be unique and authentic.

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They talked about how lifestyle content brings a difference and has a different ideation process than other content. Using multiple platforms can help grow better and faster according to the niches and preferences of content over platforms.

After an epic day 3 came to an end with a great session, the day four has started with a new boost of energy and sessions.

Making a Podcast

Head of Podcasts from @spotifyindia, Dhruvank Vaidya took a session for ‘Making Your Podcast’ where he talked about how podcasts work and grow and what are the statistics behind podcasts, globally and regionally.

Social Nation Residency
Dhruvank taking the session.

How podcasts start and how can you ideate, curate, package, and promote your podcast was something that was discussed in the session.

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Decoding Legal for Creators

Understanding the legalities around content creation is an important aspect of the job. Residents learn about it from Apoorv Bhatnagar the Legal Manager of @lionsgateindia. He told them about how legal plays an important role in the creator’s journey and the role of agreements importance.

The assignment and licensing of content and giving/selling of the ownership and licensing were discussed too. The session also discussed tackling situations where content is picked and used illegally.

Social Nation Residency Day 4

As the day unfolds, keep following for more interesting sessions and activities at Social Nation Now.