Snapchat announced its latest collaboration with Universal Music Group on June 24, 2021. According to the deal, music from the artists of Universal Music Group will be included in Snap’s library. It will be rolled out in features like Sounds, Lenses, Search, and Playlists. All of this new addition is for you to have much more fun while sharing moments.

Source: Snap Support

As per Universal Music Group, “UMG is additionally developing augmented reality music Lens content featuring the company’s artists that will be regularly available in Snap’s Lens Carousel and Lens Studio, with the opportunity to feature merchandise launches and e-commerce experiences.” Previously, UMG and Snap’s partnership focused more on individual artists and their new releases. Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Olivia Rodrigo are some of them.

Here’s Jonas Brothers’ statement to Snap, “We’ve loved using and partnering with Snapchat over the years! It’s a place where we feel creative and where we can get instant feedback from our followers. We’re thrilled they are partnering with UMG because more than any of our past posts, now our fans will be able to use our music to engage with each other and across their posts, Stories and Lenses.” For knowing more about Sounds and Shortcuts, tap HERE!

Ben Schwerin, Snap’s SVP of Content and Partnerships revealed to UMG,It’s been exciting to see how quickly Snapchatters have taken to our Sounds creative tool, and in turn the immense impact it has had on the music industry as they discover and share music with their friends and the community. Universal Music Group has been a tremendous partner over the past several years, and we’re thrilled to expand our relationship to bring Snapchatters even more music to express themselves and create engaging Snaps.”

Source: Snap Newsroom

Michael Nash, UMG’s Executive Vice President of Digital Strategy, stated on UMG’s website, “We’re thrilled to build on our innovative and collaborative relationship with Snap and to provide Snapchat’s users with access to UMG’s vast catalog of the most iconic recordings of all time. When entertainment and social media companies work together, fans are able to creatively build close-knit communities around the artists and the music they love, all while ensuring that artists are fairly compensated for the use of their music. We’re looking forward to working with Snap to unlock even more innovative features and allow creativity and expressive communication across Snapchat’s community.”

Snap will be unveiling more such cool features and amazing music in the library. Till then, you can have more information by tapping HERE!