Viraj Ghelani recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel titled, ‘Middle Class Family at a Restaurant’. All the characters of the family are played by Viraj where he portrays common scenarios of a middle-class family at a restaurant with a pinch of exaggeration. It is one of the most relatable videos with a great script executing a keen observation. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it, shall we?

From ordering a 2/3 soup to taking extra mouth freshener, the video includes everything we have done ourselves. The highlight of this video was when the waiter would come out of the kitchen with a tray and how every time he did, the family thought that their food has arrived. This is exactly what happens with me when I’m eagerly waiting for the food, and the fact that he noticed this human nature and included it as a part of the script is exceptional. From the script writing to the acting and editing, this video has unbeatable content from every clip of the video. Tap and watch for yourself right away!

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