Social media platforms have recently been on the radar for all the wrong reasons. While Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg issued a public apology to the families of victims of online child sex abuse during a Senate hearing, many researchers hint towards social media for growing mental health issues.  In a bid to distance itself from the negative aspects associated with traditional social media platforms, Snapchat has unveiled its latest campaign titled “Less Social Media, More Snapchat.” The campaign, which premiered during the 66th Annual Grammy Awards in the US, seeks to position Snapchat as an antidote to the divisive impact of mainstream social media.

Snapchat Less Social Media, More Snapchat campaign


Championing Genuine Connections Over Likes and Trolling

The advertisement underscores the detrimental effects of seeking validation through likes and the curated ‘influencer’ lifestyle prevalent on other platforms. Snapchat asserts itself as a space where users prioritise genuine connections and enjoyment over the pursuit of social validation, aiming to combat the increasing hatred and trolling pervasive in online communities.

Messaging with Friends: The Core Focus

One of the key messages of the campaign is Snapchat’s primary use case: messaging with friends. Unlike platforms centred around public feeds, Snapchat emphasises private communication as its cornerstone feature, enabling authentic interactions away from the pressures of social validation.

Snapchat distances itself from social media Less Social Media, More Snapchat campaign

Multifaceted Advertising Approach

Snapchat’s campaign extends beyond digital platforms, with out-of-home (OOH) placements in major US cities and bold taxi cab wraps in the UK carrying the message, Less Social Media. More Snapchat. The in-house produced campaign, helmed by director and editor Tommy Harden, aims to showcase Snapchat as a platform designed for real relationships and joyful connections.

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Differentiation Amidst Negative Publicity

Addressing the growing concerns over the negative impact of social media, Snapchat aims to distance itself from the fray. Ajit Mohan, president, APAC, Snap Inc. reaffirmed the platform’s founding principles on LinkedIn, highlighting Snapchat as a fun, private, and joyful space for connecting with loved ones.

A Response to Rising Deletion Searches

The campaign comes amidst reports of increasing dissatisfaction with mainstream social media platforms. Instagram, in particular, leads the list of ‘wanted to delete’ apps, with Snapchat also facing a considerable number of deletion searches. Snapchat, however, asserts its commitment to preventing the spread of harmful content through deliberate design choices and content moderation.

Snapchat: More Than Just Social Media

In response to criticisms and comparisons to traditional social media platforms, Snapchat distinguishes itself as a space where over 75% of 13 to 34-year-olds in multiple countries turn to communicate directly with close friends. Rejecting the label of social media, Snapchat positions itself as a unique platform tailored for personal connections.

Snapchat’s Less Social Media, More Snapchat campaign signals a strategic move to carve out its niche in the evolving landscape of social networking, emphasising genuine connections and private communication amidst growing concerns over the negative impacts of mainstream social media platforms. How much differentiation can people feel and see, will only be understood in the coming days.