How many times does it happen that you see some content and are just in an awe of how relatable it is? Today we are talking about Aanchal Agrawal, popularly known as Awwwnchal who quite really makes people relate to the daily happenings and situations.

Her content is comedy and is absolutely fun to watch. This Indori content creator shifted to New York some time back and is now creating content that desi’s can understand very well.

We spoke to her and in a conversation, she told us about her experiences, content journey, and more.

Aanchal Agrawal

How did you start your content creation journey?

I had a lot of things I wanted to share, I thought more people should see my work so I started
posting online and it took some time but it finally clicked and I kept doing it.

What were your plans to become while growing up?

I don’t remember what I wanted to become growing up. The world changed significantly while I
was a teenager and things moved into an internet world quickly, so I just kept doing what came
my way.

She posts content with her parents and that’s funny. Honestly, because her parent’s content is like the story of every Indian household.

Her content with her mother and father is probably relatable for most kids coming from middle-class families. They also have Instagram handles, however, Aanchal posts reels with her mother and father from her official account.

What’s something about Aanchal that has remained the same in all these years?

I am authentic. I have grown as a person and learned and unlearned a lot but I am still the same
Aanchal at heart. Honest and empathetic.

What’s something you wanted to do and then you did it? What was that and how was experiencing it?

I wanted to come to New York for my degree. I did it and it is so fulfilling. I would always recommend people to do things and regret (if any) than not do it and regret.

You posted about how turning 30 is something people dread and how you’re living it out at 30. How do you feel about it?

I don’t think people dread anything, no one is born with fears, society puts this fear and
insecurity in our minds, especially women. Even though I felt the pressure of turning 30
someday when I was 25, everything was planned but nothing happened as per my plan and I
learned to go with the flow. 30 is just a number, an age where you’re more confident than ever
because of all the experiences. So, I feel amazing.

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How was it making a master’s decision and what are you studying? What would you suggest to someone who is confused about a master’s degree?

I always wanted to do another degree abroad, so when I felt like I was ready to do it I applied. I
am doing MS in Sports Business, I am a sports lover and have been an athlete myself, so it
excited me the most.

Take your time and go for what excites you the most. A degree is much more than the syllabus,
your time at university should provide you with a lot more than that, choose wisely.

How do you manage your content? Do you plan everything and then go about it or is it instant?

It is instant. I am my authentic self in my content which is half done, I create only when I have
something to share.

What do you believe is your most significant achievement to date?

I feel I have many achievements. I am told women worldwide draw inspiration from me, I think that’s the
biggest thing for me.

Now that you’re living in New York, What’s something that’s on your bucket list?

I would love to work with Jameela Jamil, Priyanka Chopra, and Mindy Kaling. That is something I
am aiming at and working towards now.

Aanchal also recently founded a knowledge sharing, social and global community network
for women and is working to build that.

Aanchal unveiled her wonderful line of merchandise, which consists of calendars,
hoodies, and T-shirts. Friendzoned Logon ki Neta, Ek Tarfa Aashiq, and Tum kisi ka
kaat rahe ho are a few of the witty slogans on the t-shirts and hoodies. Aanchal’s inspiration
behind this launch was to create a community of people who like and resonate with her and
her work.

How would you describe social media for yourself? As in, how has it changed your life? Do you face any online hatred?

I don’t deal with any hate anymore, I used to block all negativity and now my community is filled
with supportive people. The haters are not my responsibility to deal with and so I don’t waste my time
with them at all.

What is something you would like to tell the audience reading?

“Dream big and work to make it your reality!”

While you’re at it do check out her handle and how she makes fun content and makes sure to leave you with a smile. Her Desipan will make you decide how fun is her content.