Selena Gomez is a name that needs no introduction in the world of music and entertainment! And now has officially entered the beauty game so be ready to shine with her new additions, and now she’s not doing it alone.

In order to introduce Rare Beauty’s brand-new Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil, she partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry both in the fashion and beauty sectors. The guests were invited to her exclusive launch party and were given a special sneak peek of new goods!

The event received widespread attention on social media, with the guests sharing their experiences and photos from the event on their respective social media platforms. The occasion also emphasized the company’s dedication to them supporting mental health awareness.

Let’s take a closer look at the superstar influencers who joined forces with Selena Gomez to spread the message of self-love and mental health awareness through the power of makeup with Rare Beauty.

Mrunal Panchal

Mrunal Panchal, a popular Indian fashion and beauty influencer, met Selena Gomez and the two hit it off immediately. They decided to create a fun and adorable video together featuring Mrunal’s boyfriend’s new song “In your arms” showing that friendship and fun can still flourish in the world of beauty and glitz


DiptiSenthil is a beauty and lifestyle influencer who had the opportunity to meet Selena Gomez and with her bubbly personality and infectious energy, Dipti surely made a lasting impact on Selena by exhibiting her power of positivity and can-do approach.

Aditya Madiraju

Aditya Madiraju and Selena Gomez crossed paths, and their upbeat and vivacious personalities made them click right away. They demonstrated the importance of self-expression and confidence by combining their love of fashion and beauty.

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Annie, also known as YouGlowGrrl, is a well-known beauty influencer for her skincare tips and makeup tutorials and was invited to the launch event of Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Lip Oil, which was a dream come true for her. Being a huge fan of Selena Gomez and her brand, she was excited to be a part of the event.

She was quoted saying “I was really excited to be invited to the Soft Pinch Lip Oil launch event, I’m such a huge fan of Rare Beauty products and of Selena so it was truly a dream come true. I think she’s created something really special by making Rare Beauty and I’m honored to be a part of the beautiful community she’s created!

Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott is a talented makeup artist and beauty influencer who is an active supporter of inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry. They exchanged valuable tips about the importance of representation and empowerment in the world of beauty.

Meredith Duxbury

Meredith Duxbury, a professional makeup artist and beauty influencer, met Selena Gomez. Selena even put some lipstick on for Meredith in a cute and lighthearted moment and captured it exhibiting their shared love and enthusiasm for beauty.

Naomi Mizrahi

Naomi Mizrahi and Selena Gomez got along right away since they both enjoy bold and unique beauty styles. Naomi probably made a lasting impact on Selena with her artistic and imaginative approach to beauty, demonstrating that there are no restrictions on innovation in the field of cosmetics.

So, whether you’re a beauty buff or a casual makeup wearer, get ready to unleash your inner glow and embrace your rare beauty with Selena and her squad by your side!