Nick and Tushar are back with a fresh new season of BYN x upGrad Originals: The Office Canteen. The Office Canteen is a lighthearted web series that revolves around employees in an office created in collaboration with upGrad. Season 1 of the series was so successful that it even won the YouTube Works Award!

Before we dive into the trailer of the second season let’s have a look at the events of Season 1. In case you haven’t watched the first season then warning, SPOILER ALERT is in effect.

Ep01. Today’s Special – Platter

We get to know about Nick and Tushar, two employees famous for their canteen routine but infamous for their work. 

Ep02. Today’s Special – Khichdi

When one employee gets fired another one isn’t far away and when it’s a girl, the competition is fierce. Hilariously enough not every “Aishwarya” is a girl. 

Ep03. Today’s Special – Broccoli

It takes one simple loss to clear all the dues. But for Tushar clearing the dues and canteen discounts aren’t enough, he wishes to grow and advance in his career. 

On 6th September,2021. The trailer for the Season 2 of The Office Canteen released on Nick’s channel Be YouNick. We’re greeted by a familiar face, from Singleton Consultancy Private Limited, Pandu (played by Karan Sonawane aka Focused Indian). 

Except this time the office is new and so is the Office Canteen! Nick and Tushar are ready to take the viewers on a new adventure with an emotional roller-coaster ride and all new twists! This time featuring new in this season are Ashish Chanchlani, Ahsaas Channa and Triggered Insaan! This only makes us more excited about what’s coming our way. In case you haven’t watched the trailer then you can watch it out below.