Spotify is officially rolling out a new feature called “Blend“. The feature is aimed at syncing the users’ music tastes even further to curate a relationship like no other. Here’s all that you need to know about Blend.

Source: Spotify

Earlier this year Spotify had launched Blend Playlists in beta but will now be rolling it out to all the free and premium users. Blend makes it easier for users to connect, discover, and bond over the music they love with one another. “Now, the experience includes new cover art to easily identify each of your Blend playlists, taste match scores to see your listening preferences compared to your friends’, and shareable data stories that are unique to every listening pair and can be shared across social channels.” says Spotify.

Source: Spotify

Blend will be updated daily, adapting to what the listeners stream. It will then combine the best of Spotify’s” personalization capabilities and collaborative playlist functionality” into a single shared playlist thereby making it easy for the users to tune into a social listening session curated for them. Furthermore Blend will also help users find their playlists easily and also feature new art covers.

What makes Blend unique is its ability to find common ground with one another. “Blend is one of the first products we’ve developed that requires multiuser personalization, which has its unique challenges but also helps us create some really delightful experiences when we get it right.” says Arjun Narayen, Product Manager.

Steps to create Blend:

  • Tap “Create Blend” in the ‘Made for You’ hub on mobile. 
  • Next, tap “Invite” to select a friend to join your Blend via messaging. 
  • Once your friend accepts, Spotify will generate custom cover art and a track list for the two of you filled with songs that combine your listening preferences and tastes. 
  • Share your Blend results across your social channels by tapping “Share this story” at the bottom of your data story screen.

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