Saahel is a trending musical creator known for always adding his own version of pinch to his content, be it mashups, Bollywood songs, remixes, or Hindi versions of English covers. He has 151K followers on Instagram and 32.6K subscribers on YouTube. 

Source: Saahel Music

Now, let’s take a peep at Saahel’s 15 best musical Reels that will simply blow your mind with twists:

1. Brown Munde

2. Heartbreak Anniversary (Hindi Version)

3. Arcade (Hindi Version)

4. Call Me By Your Name (Hindi Version)

5. Tu Meri Dost Hain (Lofi Flip)

6. O Soniye (R&B Version)

7. Night Changes (Hindi Version)

8. Tennu Le x I Warned Myself

9. Right Here Right Now x GTA San Andreas

10.  Sadda Haq x Beggin’

11. Stay (Hindi Version)

12. Love Nwantiti (Hindi Version)

13. Pehli Nazar (Bruno Mars Version)

14. Dil Ko Karaar x Changes

15. Aahatein (Lofi Flip)

So, these were some of Saahel’s best musical Reels that are literally swoon-worthy! For more information about the creator, tap HERE! Also, to know more about his version of ‘Call Me By YourName’, check out Saahel’s Talent Once Again Shines With the Hindi Version of Lil Nas X’s ‘Call Me by Your Name’