Ruhee Dosani is an Instagram star with 864K followers showering love to her content all the time. She has always been the tech-savvy girl, but lady luck shone upon her during the lockdown. In September 2020, when everyone was going crazy over Yashraj Mukhate’s ‘Biggini Shoot’, Ruhee decided to try something different on this track with her group of friends and real bikinis. No one ever thought of doing that which worked as a great advantage for her! This attempt pushed her to the limelight. Lo and behold, her reel on ‘Biggini Shoot’ became viral which crossed over 2.5 million views at that time. Currently, it has gained 6.1 million views and over 219K likes. This was the real start of her journey!

 Various creators and netizens supported her quirky videos. Ruhee’s signature smile, braid, and hat always charms the people. Oh! Don’t forget her shades too! She seems to have quite enthusiastic friends who love to dance and have fun with her. Ruhee feels it’s all about how her friends enjoy while listening to the song. If they enjoy the song, then they automatically join her in her reels. It’s the same for Ruhee. Check out her reel on Badshah Masala. If you don’t laugh after seeing this, I’ll change my name! Not for real though. *Sniggering*

Ruhee is famous for creating reels of Bollywood and Indian songs, be it of any artist or commercial. She has collaborated with other creators too, and damn if it wasn’t crazy! Niharika NM and Ruhee made such a hilarious reel looking like a sumo-wrestler. Trust me, you would die laughing!

Don’t miss out on the end of this one! Jamming on the trending songs and all, huh?

Oh god! Lauren Gottlieb has joined the line of making funny reels too. ‘Garam Aande’ anyone?

What magic has Yashraj done with his songs? Ruhee seems to vibe on every song and bring out elements better than the other. Positively seeing life, she always loves to bring bright smiles to everyone’s face. Ain’t she such a gem? Also, she’s proud to be her mama’s girl. That’s just so cute!

Our ‘desi’ girl doesn’t mind the image of not being so girly, and we love that about her! She’s always ready with her sass, and her ‘tadka’ in every talk and content reflects that. We can’t be thankful enough to her for always making our day with her superb reels that can make us giggle any time, any day. Let’s support her in her journey to the top so that we can make her day too! Ruhee Dosani we want you to always remain cheerful and braid your hair because we know that’s your confidence. Also, one last dose for her fans, Deepika Padukone is her favourite actress.