Nikunj Lotia (Nick) the man behind the channel Be YouNick has shot up in the world of Shorts!

Following the craze of short video formats. YouTube too had announced ‘YouTube Shorts‘ its own short video format where creators can upload vertical videos up to 60 seconds. Youtube has also recently released a public notice stating that it has allocated shorts a $100 million fund. (Click here to know more)
From YouTube creators, shorts have received reviews tipping on both sides. While many disregard it, several use it to amplify themselves.

Be YouNick who is known for his comedic videos with a twist in the tale had already started making shorter videos years ago. Titled as “BYN Shots” the videos were quick, short, witty and of course hilarious with typical BYN twists. Following the success of his YouTube channel Nick has also been active on Instagram and has garnered engagement by making reels.

Noticing the trends of the hour Nick has also taken on YouTube Shorts with his quirky videos and has even collabed with the greats like Just Sul, Kinsey etc. 
The #NustaChai lover is firing shots and ruling our feed with Shorts. We would have said more about his videos but then it wouldn’t do justice to what Be YouNick has in store for all of us.

Nick if you are reading this, while you’re at it (shorts) . Please release the new episode of ‘The Office Canteen‘ too.