Indian rapper, singer, and composer RcR is back with his new track ‘Hip Hop Ka Don’, which as per him is “India’s fastest rap song.”  Released on June 12, 2021, on YouTube, the music video has already gained 669K views and 101K likes. The MTV Hustle famed rapper claims that “You have never heard of this kind of Hip-Hop in Music Industry nor you’ve seen this kind of video in Indian Hip-Hop!!”

Watch ‘Hip Hop Ka Don’ here:

This revolutionary track in Indian hip hop” is a blend of music genres like Hip-hop, Rock, EDM, and Sufi. RcR was the sole person behind singing, rapping, lyrics, and composing. Presented by Wolf777, the music was programmed by RcR, Anurag Dubey, and Deepak Adhikari. Anurag also did the mixing and mastering. Raghav Marwaha was the director and Lakshay Sharma was the choreographer. 

With this track, the rapper has already crossed a million subscribers on YouTube and 580K followers on Instagram. He’s making his stand against all those who underestimated him. Now, he’s back and fans can’t be more excited. We usually hear “King is always King” but with RcR it’s proven “Don will always be Don.” He might take a break but whenever he’s ready, he can shake the music industry for he’s ‘Hip Hop Ka Don’ for a reason.