Karishma Tanna, a popular Indian actor, known for her impeccable roles in TV shows and films has ventured into new territories, kickstarting her Podcasting journey. The Karishma Tanna Podcast is a fun and informative video podcast series, hosted by Karishma on Spotify and is produced by the crème de la crème in the podcast industry, Pod.One. This video podcast series aims to delve into the Gujarati roots of Karishma Tanna and her guests while having insightful conversations. For her debut episode, she has none other than the entertainment genius, Hansal Mehta share the screen with her. 

Pod.One presents the Karishma Tanna Podcast on Spotify

Karishma Tanna, the insider 

After working in the entertainment industry for more than a decade now, Karishma Tanna knows the chaos and calm of the industry like the back of her hand. With a strong network of actors, directors and producers, she is the perfect choice to don the Podcaster hat, because she can give both a fun and honest take on the workings of showbiz. 

To give a rest to our curiosity, we asked Karishma Tanna her reasons for starting a podcast. To which she replied, “Randomly, while having dinner with my husband I thought that a lot of people don’t know that Karishma Tanna is a Gujarati. This came as a shocker to me and I thought I’m very proud of being a Gujarati. I love to have Gujju food, I love to talk in Gujarati, I like Gujarati people and the religion and everything around Gujarati, so why not start a podcast wherein I call all the Gujarati guests on my show and explore Gujarati roots? That’s how the idea just popped in.”

The Karishma Tanna Podcast 

The Karishma Tanna Podcast is one-of-a-kind video podcast series started by Karishma Tanna that is available for streaming on Spotify. One of the most popular platforms for podcasts, Spotify has opened up avenues for more and more people to join the podcast realm.

Pod.One presents the Karishma Tanna Podcast, a video podcast on Spotify

In this giant sea of podcasts, when we asked her what themes will she follow to stand out from the crowd Karishma Tanna impressed us with her well laid out plan. She stated, “I have very clearly thought about the themes and who I’m planning to call for my guests. I want guests from different walks of life, including an actor, director, entrepreneur, etc. I want to explore and have a chat with everybody who has Gujarati roots. I am already having fun and I’m very sure I’m going to have more fun.

Hansal Mehta On Karishma Tanna Podcast

For her first episode, Karishma Tanna invited ‘Scoop’ director Hansal Mehta as a guest. Tracing the successes on OTT shows, Hansal Mehta spoke about how he felt after tasting stardom with his mega-blockbuster shows, Scam 1992 and Scoop. 

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In the comfortable setting, Hansal Mehta also opened up about the loss of his mother and how that has made him a more ‘balanced’ person. The podcast delves into many other aspects of Hansal Mehta’s journey and the bond he shares with Karishma Tanna.

While the thrill and excitement of doing something new is always there, there is slight nervousness too. Speaking about her first episode experience, Karishma Tanna added, “I am very new to podcasting and the influencer business. However, I think it’s going well because I don’t think I am interviewing my guests, I am having conversations just like how I would if they came home. I will ask similar questions which I’m asking on my podcast.”

With this thought process, we know for sure that the Karishma Tanna Podcast will turn out to be unique, fun and brilliant and to add to its brilliance, Pod.One is here to offer its valuable support to make the podcast a seamless affair. 


A pioneer in the world of podcasts, Pod.One has established themselves as a synonym for podcasts. With a thoroughly equipped team, they make podcast journeys seem like a cakewalk. From the backend work of starting a podcast to running a successful show, their expertise has helped many people achieve their dreams. Pod.One is also one of the initial few to start video podcasting on Spotify, an innovative leap in the world of podcasts.

Pod.One produces the Karishma Tanna Podcast on Spotify

Ranging from sports, and informative, to fun podcasts, Pod.One has many successful shows to its name. They have worked with big names in the industry including Leeza Mangaldas, Nishad Pai, Kalyanjit Hatibaruah and many more.  They have over 40 podcasts distributed across big platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Audible and Apple Podcasts. To bring your voice to the world, reach out to Pod.One

As Karishma Tanna steps into the world of podcasting with her debut series, she brings with her not just her charm and wit but also a wealth of experience from her years in the entertainment industry. With the backing of Pod.One, a powerhouse in the podcasting realm, her journey promises to be seamless and successful. The inaugural episode featuring the illustrious Hansal Mehta sets a high standard for the upcoming episodes.